Weekend Send Off [Late]

I swear, I’m going to start doing better with blogging.  Here’s my love list for the week:

1. Naperville.  Okay, I’ve always liked it here, but since moving into the dorms early, I’ve experienced a side of Naperville that I wasn’t sure of before.  During the day, Naperville is a crowded family town.  There’s small children running beside parents, couples holding hands and eating ice cream, and tons of high school age kids gathered in large groups blocking the sidewalk (which is really annoying because there is really no other place to walk).  It’s constantly busy during the day (even when the weather isn’t extremely nice).  Last night, after Krista got off work, she came over to hang out.  We decided to walk down to the Riverwalk (it was around 11).  I was shocked by the nightlife in Naperville!  Women in sparkly tank tops and sky-high heels were lined up in front of doors getting their ids checked by burly (and quite attractive, I might add) bouncers.  There were people everywhere, taking pictures, laughing and talking loudly.  Another reason I love Naperville?  That I get told I’m beautiful (to my face, by people I don’t know) at least once a month.  Last night, as we were walking past a group of people taking pictures, one guy (a super tall, slender african american guy) was singing “Hungry Eyes” from Dirty Dancing.  Because I’ve been listening to that album a lot lately, my head whipped around, and he saw me looking at him.  He called out to me, “Heyy!  You’re really beautiful!  I just thought you should know!”  I laughed and said thank you.  Enough about Naperville.

2. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack.  I got this at the library awhile ago and just got it imported to my library.  It reminds me of the movie my sister and cousin were obsessed with (I liked it a lot, too), and it also reminds me of being in the cool barn in Idaho, with the smell of hay, and dust motes in the light that came in the cracks, with these songs playing (along with Footloose).  I sit at my computer and play them over and over again, singing along to every single song.

3. Tuna.  I’ve always been obsessed with tuna.  When I would mix some for sandwiches at home, I would end up eating half the can before I mixed it with mayo.  A few days ago, I got some at the grocery store, and yesterday, I enjoyed it straight out of the can; no mayo or anything.  It was delicious.

So, what were your favorites this week?


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