Book Ratings

I’m not sure if many of you keep up with what I’m reading (partly because I don’t discuss it often, or do reviews), but as I was laying in bed last night, I had a good idea.  I was so tired (went out to ANOTHER movie…I’ve seen almost everything that’s out at this point.  We saw “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  It was an okay movie; not a huge fan of Katie Holmes.) that I didn’t come on and do it last night, but I’m going to start doing ratings on the books that I’ve read.  I’m not great at reviews, but I am good at saying whether a book is good enough to check out from the library, or even to buy, and when to not waste your time or money on one.

Since moving into the dorm, I’ve been reading a lot more than I did this summer.  I have no T.V. in the room, and I can only do so much on the computer before I hit my bandwidth cap.  So I read.  I’ve finished about 4 books since moving into my room, and I’m going to start with those books for ratings.  If you’d like me to rate any of the other books I’ve read, leave me a comment asking me to do so.  The reason I’m starting with the ones I’ve recently finished is because they’re still pretty fresh in my head.  I’m giving them ratings of hearts; 5 hearts is the best, 1 heart is the worst.  Or you can think of it in terms of grades; 1 heart is an F, 5 hearts is an A.

If you want to see the ratings of books I’ve just finished, click HERE.  (Any other time you’d like to go, hover over “Books” and click on “2011”.)

Also, I was thinking about doing some vlogs (video blogs) because I’ve been so bad with writing lately, and things are going to get busy once school starts up, so I won’t have a whole lot of time to sit down and write out posts.  Is there any interest in vlogs posted here?  Let me know what you think about them.  Would you be interested in watching little 5 minute videos updating you with what I’m doing, what I’m reading, and other things?


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