Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: A little tired, a little frustrated and a little sore.

2.) Do you dream?  If so, can you remember them?  Lately, I’ve been having really vivid (and sometimes really awful) dreams.  I think it’s in part due to taking Melatonin every once in awhile, but since I’ve stopped taking it (for about a week now), I’m still having dreams.  And when I wake up, it takes me a long time to realize that my dream was only that; a dream.

3.) What body part do you wash first when you shower? I usually just stand in the shower for about 5 minutes before I wash anything, but I always wash my hair first.  This isn’t so much a habit, as it is logic.  I used to use shampoo that didn’t smell all that great, and if I washed with my nice smelling soaps before the shampoo, the nice smell was washed away, and the shampoo suds left the not so great smell on me.  So, now I shampoo (and usually condition) before I wash my body.  Oh, and I always wash my arms first.

4.) Current nail polish: I have black (Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Black Out) on all my fingers, and then over top the ring finger, I have a coat of L.A. Colors in Silver Metallic.  I topped it all off with Sally Hansen Insa-Dri Top Coat.  On my toes, I have OPI’s Midnight in Moscow and holy cow.  Every single time I use this polish, I’m reminded of how much I love it.  I’m definitely going to be rocking this on my fingers in a few weeks in time for fall…

5.) Were you a responsible child/teen? I was a straight A student until about 9th grade and I hit a wall.  I felt like no one wanted me or needed me or loved me and I lashed out bad.  Thankfully, that stage only lasted through that year (mostly) and I got back on track to graduate with a 3.7 (I failed 2 classes freshman year and hard to work hard to get my GPA back up).

6.) Name three things in nature you love most and why: I love green grass because of the color, the smell, and the prickly softness of it.  I love tall, green trees that provide tons of shade.  And I love a perfectly blue sky, with not a hint of a cloud.

7.) Current outfit: Blue “Seager Sisters” shirt and green/blue plaid linen pants.

8.) What is the single feature people compliment you most on?  I’m always complimented on my eyes.  If it’s not the color (it usually is), its about my eyelashes or eyebrows.

9.) Where are your feet right now? Oh, you know, just hanging out on the floor.  (Being a little chilly, I might add.)

10.) Weekly goals: Get a dang job already.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Questions

  1. omg i totally feel you about the whole 9th grade thing, that was so not a good year for me. i failed an important math class and went from like a perfect student to not so good

    • 9th grade was the worst for me. The girls were mean to me (well, they were all through high school, too), I didn’t fit in, it was that time when everyone was hitting puberty (and I was not even close to having boobs), and it was important to have a guy (which I didn’t have). It was rough.

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