Weekend Send-Off

Today is going to be a long day.  I have class in about 30 minutes, shopping for an outfit to wear dancing this weekend, and then back for work.  And then I close tonight, so I won’t be back until late.  These days are wearing me out.  I hit the snooze button at least five times every morning, and nothing can get me out of bed until I see the clock and realize that I have about 5 minutes to make the 10 minute walk to class.  I made it just in time this morning to take my first French test, and when I was finished, I was tempted to take a nap.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been staying up until 3 a.m. reading (on my phone) every night.  Oh well.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Enough babbling; here’s the love list.

1. Nicky Charles.  I downloaded Aldiko on my phone  (I’ve been trying to stay away from the library…I don’t have a lot of time to read, and I don’t want to run up any fines, so I’m just reading from my phone, or the books I already have), and there’s a database of thousands of free books written by self-published authors.  I discovered a series that I can’t tear myself away from written by Nicky Charles.  I’m on the third book now, and I got really excited when I found out there should be a fourth book coming out sometime soon.  (She’s also made me want to write my own stories…something I miss doing now that I have no time for it.)

2. Floral J. Crew Scarf.  I’ve been living in this thing.  It’s light enough that it doesn’t look too winter-y (I’ll bring out my black/grey scarf for winter), but its warm enough to wear when it’s blustery and cold outside.  I love the subtle floral print, and I love the scrunched up look of it.

3. Maybelline Eyestudio eyeshadow in Carbon Frost.  I picked this up at Walgreen’s a week or so ago, and I love it.  It’s half black, half pinks/burgundies.  Swirling them together gives a shimmery deep pink.  I normally use the pink side for the lid, and then put the black through my crease.  But I use the line where the shadows meet so my crease isn’t too intense.

So, what are you guys loving this week?  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, filled with lovely catnaps and long, restful nights (because I don’t think mine will be).  See you all Monday with an etiquette post.


Random Wednesday

1. I’m excited to go back to work after three days off, but worried about what it’s going to do to my body (exhaustion-wise).

2. I really want to write a novel, but the storyline is a little hazy.

3. And I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be able to keep my attention long enough to be finished.

4. I also want to knit.

5. While writing the novel.

6.  Which is ridiculous, because it takes two hands to knit, and at least one hand to write a novel.  (Well, it takes at least one hand to write much of anything.)

7. I suppose I could try dictation.

8. But who would want to listen to me while I told a story and made them write it all down?

9. My roommate’s family brought a chocolate cake to us.

10. I crave it almost constantly.  I think I’ve eaten maybe 1/4 of it.

11. When I straighten my hair, I look like a completely different person.

12. See?

13. My phone takes better pictures than my camera.

14.  My hair gets more tangled when it’s straight than when it’s curly.

15. What sense does that make?

Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: Tired, not looking forward to class.  Because I’ve had the last three days off, I’ve been being as lazy as possible, and haven’t done much outside of lying in bed, reading, and/or watching movies.

2.) What did you eat for breakfast this morning?  I had a bag of gummy monkeys while I was reading in bed.

3.) Name the closest red object to you.  A vase that I got last Valentine’s Day (Kyle and I’s three year anniversary) that had roses in it.  Now it holds my tips from work.

4.) Current nail polish:  None.  I really need to change this question.

5.) If you could have any eye color, what would you choose?  I feel like this question was featured once already; but I’ll answer it anyways.  I always wished I had grey or green eyes.  Not that muddy hazel green, but bright, grass green that get people’s attention.  And grey as in so light, you can hardly tell it’s grey.  But I’m happy with my eyes the color they are; they’re the source of most of my compliments.

6.) Outfit of the day:  At the moment, I’m wearing a towel because I just got out of the shower and then realized I had not posted these questions yet.

7.) What is the best movie you’ve seen recently?  I went to see The Lion King 3D with some friends and I was reminded why it was a classic movie.  It also makes me wonder; what in the HELL are we showing kids these days?  No wonder they’re so messed up.

8.) Do you like karaoke?  I’m too shy to do it, and I don’t really like listening to it either.  The people who end up singing are the ones who are deluded enough to think that they’re good…and they’re not.

9.) When putting on pants, do you button and then zip, or zip and then button?  I can’t really remember.  This makes me want to put some jeans on to figure it out.  But I think I do a little of each.

10.) Weekly goals: Continue keeping up with classes, pay off bills, and don’t get too stressed with work and school.


So, let’s see, I’ll give you a super quick rundown of what my day consisted of.  (And I’m going to write up Tuesday Questions for tomorrow, a little something for Wednesday and Thursday, start jotting some things down for the love list on Friday, and change some stuff around on the blog in general.)

Last night, after spending about an hour on french, I climbed into my bed, turned my alarm on (8:30 to get ready for french class), and pulled my phone out to read (I have Aldiko and I like it a lot.  I would recommend to all who have Android phones and like to read on the go.  Tons of free books.).  Around 2 a.m., I finally fell asleep.  In the morning, I remember my alarm going off, but must have hit “off” instead of “snooze”.  I woke up at like 11:15 to a panic-y phone call from the boyfriend; he had been trying to call me, because we always meet for lunch after class, but he couldn’t find me, or get a hold of me on my phone.  I told him I was fine, threw my hair in a braid and headed to eat.

Picking up my mail after that, I found a package from Stacia (Thank you!).  I hurried back to my room to open it up, and sat eating sour apple cotton candy while working on homework for my 1:20 class.  After class, I got a hot chocolate and picked up my mail yet again; some stuff from Bath and Body Works (NOT soap/lotion!).  When I got to my room again, I picked my things up, put my books away; generally tidied up a bit.

Then, we headed to the library, took books back, and got a few movies to watch.  We stopped in at Chipotle to get some food (yay for 50% off!), and took it back to the boyfriend’s room.  We watched “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” while eating Chipotle (one of my all time favorites), and then it was 7.

Terra Nova is on at 7.  We settled down to watch the two hour premiere (and I loved it!).  It’s now 9:30 and I’m sitting here watching YouTube videos and eating chocolate cake.

I have tomorrow off work again, and I’m looking forward to another lazy day.  Wednesday is back to the grind.


Wow, guys, just…wow.  I feel like a neglectful mother or something because this blog has seriously fallen by the wayside.  I’ve been pretty busy with school, way busy with work, and what little time I have left over, I tend to spend with the boyfriend.  So let’s see, I’ll try to do a little post before I need to head to class (at 4), and then rush off to work (at  6).

I’m still doing well with Project Product.  I’ve added a few things to the list, and I’ll try to do a mini review for each sometime (but maybe not).  Besides the things I’ve finished it, I’ve got several that are on their last legs (shampoo, body spray, mascara), and I’m anticipating adding them to the list.  I did buy some shampoo at Walgreens last week (with a gift card), because my scalp gets dry during fall/winter, and nothing handles the itchiness like Head and Shoulders.  But besides that, I’ve been pretty good with spending.

I got a new phone a few days ago (my Pixi wasn’t saving contacts or charging, the battery was running down after being charged all night, and it was just shutting off whenever it felt like it…and it was only a little over a year old), and have spent hours figuring it out (and downloading games).  I got the Samsung Continuum, and after complaining to Verizon a whole lot, I ended up getting it for free.  It’s a pretty neat phone, even though I have to figure out how to use a touch screen keyboard (which I’m not a huge fan of).

Let’s see.  I also rearranged the room with my roommate, and we’re both really liking it so far.  The desks are on the right side of the room, pushed against the wall.  The beds are bunked (I’m on bottom), and the dressers are stacked at the foot of the bed.  The mattress on the floor is our substitute for the futon coming in the next few days, and the fridge and microwave are stacked beside that (where you can’t see a whole lot).

I hate that I’m so boring lately, and I hope that I’ll be able to get back into the groove of blogging at least 3 times a week (hopefully more).

Weekend Send-Off

I’ve been absent a lot this week, and for good reason.  I’ve been clocking around 30 hours of work, and on top of that, school is taking up a lot of my time (French in particular).  I’ll try to post regularly next week to update you all a bit about what I’m up to, but a short Love List should hold you over for the weekend.

1. French.  At first, I was scared.  I went into french class, and the whole class was taught in french.  I knew a few words, but she didn’t use them that often.  but every day I understand more and more, and I always leave class happy.  It’s a beautiful language, and I can’t wait to be able to speak it.

2. Sleeping in.  I don’t get to sleep in very much on MWF because my french class is at 9:20 (and I usually stay up late the night before doing homework when I get off work), but because I don’t have class until 4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and work after, I get to sleep in.  On Saturdays, I don’t work until 12, and I’m off on Sundays.  Getting a few hours of rest and some reading time really pulls my week together, and gives me some much needed sanity.  And then I’m off to class, and after, sprinting to make it to work on time.

3. Work.  I’ve gotten A LOT of hours, and I’m always exhausted when I get off (I’ve been closing most nights, and pulling 8 hour shifts other nights), but I love being at work.  I love how fast paced it is, I love the job I’m assigned to (not the lobby though), I love talking with customers, and I love the people I work with.  I always find something to laugh hysterically about, and I’m always excited to get my uniform on to head to work.  (I’m also learning some spanish from the people I work with.)  And it helps that I’m making A LOT of money here :)

That was my love list; what are you loving this week?  Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope to see you all on Monday!

Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: A little frustrated and a lot tired.  I’m working on french homework, and one of the first assignments is to watch a video and write the words french speakers are saying.  Really difficult for me.  I’ve also been working every single night since I started, along with starting class, so I’m wiped at the end of the night.

2.) What’s your favorite fast food? I have to say Chipotle, right, since I work there?  But I also love Taco Bell.

3.) What was the last movie you went to see?  I went to “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, which was more silly than scary.

4.) Current nail polish: Nothing on my fingers, but “Midnight in Moscow” on my toes.

5.) What color is your toothbrush?  It’s pink with blue bristles that lose color to tell you when to get a new one.

6.) What do you hear right now?  CSI is on T.V., and I’m typing away.  I’m also repeating the french alphabet over and over to cement it in my head.

7.) Current outfit: Refuge jeans, grey cami with  a striped crop top over top.

8.) What was the last thing you ate?  I’m eating garlic hummus and pretzel chips right now.  So good.

9.) On a scale of 1-10, how afraid of the dark are you?  I’m not afraid of the dark so much as I’m afraid of the things in the dark.  And I would rate that fear as a 9.

10.) Weekly goals: Get through my first week of classes (especially French)!