Project Product For Short

Okay, so I have a secret (which isn’t all that secret if you live with me, but because most of you haven’t and probably won’t, it remains hidden, until now, of course).  I have hoarding tendencies.  And I have MAJOR hoarding tendencies towards beauty products.  Lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc.  I have BOXES of them.

No…seriously.  BOXES of them.

Oh, and this drawer.  But when I remove all of these, they fill a box.

That’s THREE BOXES of products when a normal person could probably fill half a box with all they have.  It’s a problem, and it’s also a major money suck.  When Bath and Body Works has a sale, I pretty much buy the store out (see second box…I bought SIX full-sized products, because they were “Buy One, Get One 50% off”).  It’s ridiculous how many travel sized lotions and soaps I have!  Hell, it’s ridiculous how many FULL SIZED shampoos and conditioners I have (let alone the lotions and body washes).  (Also, I’d like to add that this is all stuff I’ve bought since I moved to Naperville.  I’ve used everything I brought with me from home.)

So, because I’m on a mission to try to save money whenever possible (hair color is another ball-game…gotta upkeep this crazy color), I’m doing a Project Pan (but, for my purposes, I’m renaming it to “Project Use All These Damn Products Before You Buy Anything New And Waste Money You Don’t Have”, or “Project Product” for short), and I’m not buying ANY NEW PRODUCTS until I use some of the things I have.  (By the way, for those of you who don’t know what a Project Pan is, it’s a promise to not buy anything new until you’ve used a certain number of products.  The reason it’s called “Project Pan” is because it’s mostly makeup related, and “hitting pan” is a sign that you’re down to the last dredges of that eyeshadow or whatever.)

Sure, I’ve done this before, but it was all in my head, and when I caved and bought something, nobody knew except for me, and I was so happy with my new stuff that I didn’t feel any shame.  (Now that I’ve told you that, I feel some shame.)  I figure if I post this and publicly renounce my hoarding, you guys will keep me on track (and if I delete this post, you’ll never know I caved!).  Now, for the rules (because all projects have to have rules) :

  1. I’m making this a 22 Project.  That means I have to use 22 products (oh my GAH) before I can buy anything new. (At first, I put 25, but that seemed extreme to me.  Then I changed it to 20, and that didn’t seem like enough.  22 is a pretty good number, right?)
  2. I have several bottles of things I use on a daily basis, and a brand new back-up bottle.  The bottle that is almost gone (that’s you, face lotion!) doesn’t count.  After I’ve used the NEW bottle, that one can go on the list.
  3. Everything counts; lotion, soap, face wash, shampoo, makeup and even toothpaste.
  4. Those little mini bottles I told you about?  It’s only fair that because they’re half-size, I have to use TWO of them to count for ONE on the list.
  5. I’m making exceptions to what I CAN buy.  When I’m out of face lotion, I’m OUT, so I’ll need to get some more when I run out of that brand new bottle I have chilling in the box.  Things that are absolutely essential (like Aloe Vera, stick around to see how I’ve been using it on Monday), I will drop the cash to buy, because they’ve become part of my routine, and skipping them isn’t something I want to do.

Okay, so that seems like I’ve got everything covered.  I hope you guys will keep me on track, and if I end up buying something, I hope you all chew me out GOOD.  But, because I’ve been trying to save money for more important things (oh hey, tuition!), I think I’ll stay on track.  Does anyone else want to do a Project Pan?

P.S.  You can check my progress in the sidebar under “Project Product”.  Every 5 products that I use up, I’ll dedicate a Thursday to reviewing/complaining about them.


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