Weekend Send Off

It’s been a very long week, over here in my world, and a very productive one as well!  Here’s the things I was loving this week:

1. Chipotle.  Yes!  I got the job!  After three interviews, I was finally informed that they thought I was the best addition to the crew, and they couldn’t wait to work with me!  My mind has been totally changed after some research on the food, and after getting a few free meals, I’m glad I work there.  My go to burrito?  Chicken with cilantro lime rice, sour cream, cheese and lettuce (I love their lettuce!  It’s super crispy and adds a great texture to the burrito).  It’s simple and way delicious.

2. My Sleep Mask.  When I ordered from drugstore.com (which is where I usually order vitamins and misc. beauty things for cheap), I needed an extra $2 to get free shipping, so I headed over to look at sleep masks.  The blinds in this room leave some of the light out, but right where my head is, there’s a shaft of light every single morning that ends up waking me up around 8.  So, when I use the mask, I am able to sleep later in the day (and I don’t wake up as much during the night, either).

3. Knitting.  I had tried to knit this summer, but it was so humid and so hot that the yarn felt gross on my fingers, and I was miserable.  Now that I can control the air in my room, it’s always cool enough to knit while I’m covered with blankets (seriously, I put the air at 70 and it’s a freezer, I bump it up to 75 and I’m roasting).  I’m working on a few projects right now; something that I started over the summer but was too hot to pick up again, and a gift for someone.  The best thing ever is to sit wrapped in blankets with a movie on my computer (it’s best when its a Disney movie, but any works; last year, I would watch “Planet Earth” and knit hats) and just knit.  Or, like last night, I took a melatonin, climbed into bed and just sat and knit.  The pattern is complex enough that I don’t get bored, but easy enough that I don’t get frustrated with it.  My head was free to wander, and when my eyes started aching, I put the knitting down, scooted down into my blankets, and fell asleep.

So, those are the things I was loving this week, what were your favorites?  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and tune in on Monday for a post about Aloe Vera!


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