Aloe Vera: The Wonder Plant Goo

Remember when I was in San Diego, and I got burnt so bad it was hard for me to walk?  One good thing came out of that experience, and that’s my recent obsession with aloe vera.

You guys, I’m BURNT. To a freakin’ crisp.  No matter how much sunblock I apply, and believe me, I apply every hour (SPF 55), I’m still rocking the lobster look.  And like all sunburns, it HURTS.  The tops of my legs are burnt so bad that it hurts to walk because the skin stretches over my shins.  So, after every shower I take (which is about 2 a day now), I apply the aloe vera generously.  I picked mine up at Rite-Aid for about $4.00, and it’s the clear gel.  I love the clean smell, and I love that it makes everything so soft.  I’ve been using it all over my body, even my face, and my skin (the parts that aren’t burnt) is looking amazing.  It soothes the burns, too.

Now, I use it EVERY DAY, and my skin looks awesome.  But I don’t stop with using it on my skin alone, I use this miracle plant everywhere.

The first time I used it, I slathered it all over my body like a lotion.  But because I’m a girl who loves nice smelling things (obsessed with them, really), I needed a way to make the aloe last longer and smell more girly.  I started mixing it half and half with my lotion, and I’m never going back to straight lotion again.

This trick makes my skin glow, and it stays glowy all day.  It also gives me tons of moisture, and again, that effect lasts all day, as well.  Not only do I use this trick with body lotion; I also mix some in with my face lotion.  Doesn’t make me greasy, and soaks in wonderfully.

Another place I use aloe is my hair.  After curling my hair, I squeeze a bit in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and scrunch the curls.  It gives them shine, acts sort of like a hair gel (keeping my curls from going frizzy), and doesn’t weigh my hair down.

The last place I use aloe I just discovered a few nights ago.  For all of you who use pigments (loose eyeshadows), you know what a mess they make, and how hard that makes them to work with.  I’ve been searching for something to hold the shadow on without making my shadow look messy.  Enter aloe.  I dab a bit on my eyelid and press shadow on top.  Keeps it in place, and makes it a snap to wash off when I’m heading to bed.

I suggest all of you try some of these tricks out; aloe isn’t expensive, and if they don’t work for you, you can just store the bottle away for any future sunburns. :)


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