My Day Routine

Since my Night Routine post was so popular, I decided to do a day routine post.  Mind you, this isn’t every single day, but once school starts, it probably will be.  This routine also relies pretty heavily on showering in the morning (and because I’ve been trying to prolong my hair color, I try not to shower/wash my hair every single morning; for example, I usually only lotion up after a shower).

It all starts in the shower.  (Actually, I lied.  It all starts with me dragging myself out of bed and dragging a brush through my hair BEFORE I jump in the shower so I have fewer knots to deal with when my hair is all wet.)  I usually wash my face with my SkinSonic in the shower (because it’s waterproof), while my hair is up in a clip with shampoo in it.  I brush my teeth, wash my body, and condition (though I don’t always do that last step).  When I’m all clean and fresh, I head back to my room.

I take the clip out of my hair, towel dry it roughly, and then clip it back up.  Some days, I’ll lotion up (but when I’m rushed, or still feeling soft, I won’t), using my Aloe Vera trick to make my skin supple and glowy.  After getting dressed, I put the hydration head on my SkinSonic (I’m going to do a mini review on this tomorrow, so you can see all the parts…but I haven’t used it long enough to fully review it), and like my night routine, mix lotion and aloe together and rub it into my face.  I use the hydration head to make my skin fully absorb the mixture.

Next up is my makeup (after letting my skin soak up all the lotion/aloe).  I have a little bag that sits on my desk with my daily makeup in it.  I’ve been wearing this combination ever since I picked up the shadows, but sometimes I’ll do something different if I’m going out.  I conceal everything that needs it, tapping the concealer on with my ring finger for more coverage (I’ve always seen people do this, but never understood why until I tried it myself).  I’ll usually use a lighter concealer doubled up under my eyes to bright my circles.  I bring the concealer lightly over my lid to even out the veins.  If I’m planning on being out and about, I’ll powder to make sure my concealer stays put, and keep my forehead and chin from looking oily.

Then, using the Base Shadow Brush from Real Techniques, I apply Maybelline matte eyeshadow in “Linen” all over my lid up to my brow bone.  It’s a few shades lighter than my skin, so it covers any veins and gives a nice light finish to my lids.  I concentrate a bit extra on my lids to really give them a nice pop of color.

Using the same brush (wiped off), I apply Maybelline matte eyeshadow in “Earthly Taupe” in my crease to warm everything up a bit.  This is a “best friend” color and really just gives a nice warmth, and a bit of definition to my crease without going overboard.  With the Deluxe Crease brush from Real Techniques, I use either “Champagne Fizz” from Maybelline, which is a pearl eyeshadow, or “Moonstone” from Mary Kay to highlight.  I generally use Moonstone when I want a really subtle highlight, and Champagne Fizz when I’m going all out (both are eyeshadows that I use for highlighting.  Although I use Champagne Fizz when I “go all out”, its not an overboard color.  It’s got a little more warmth than Moonstone, and the shimmer is more defined than Moonstone.  Moonstone is a rather pale champagne color, and Champagne Fizz is more of a honey tinged champagne.  Both are gorgeous and work awesome for highlighting.).  I run either color under my brow bone to give some shimmer to my eye (because both of the eyeshadows I use are matte), dot it at the inner corner of my eye, run it over the top of my cheekbones (connecting it in a “V” on the outer eye to the highlight under my brow), run a bit down my nose, and lastly, I dust some over my cupid’s bow to make my lips look even larger.  I make sure to really blend on my cheekbones or it looks like a line of shimmer.  I swirl my brush in circles to blend it just right.  I feel like it gives me the perfect amount of highlight, but I love to highlight, so you may not be comfortable using the same amount I do.

Moving on from highlighting, I curl my eyelashes, pumping the curler a bit on the roots to give them a lot of lift, and to really open my eyes.  If I need to, I’ll use my fingers to adjust strange clumps my lashes like to form since they’ve grown so long.  I then apply a coat or two of mascara, wiggling the brush from side to side at the base of my lashes to build volume, and then sweeping it outwards for length.  My favorite is Rimmel Glam Eyes (in the gold tube).  I apply a TINY bit to my bottom lashes, then go back and add a bit more to the outside of the top lashes for the “cat eyed” look.

From the eyes, I move down to the lips.  I usually put a coat of lip balm on before I start my makeup, and then a second coat when I’ve finished (because the first layer is absorbed).  Most days, I finish my makeup off with a simple clear gloss (I’m in love with Old Navy’s French Vanilla Mint lip balm, which is really glossy and not sticky at all.  It also smells like peppermint ice cream, and tastes good, too!  Another good option are the lip shines from Bath and Body Works; I have Ripe Blackberry.  They aren’t sticky and last a long time without leaving residue.), but on the days I want to make an impression, I add lipstick, and then gloss over top.  The lipstick I end up using is Covergirl Raspberry Shine (which I’ve raved about on multiple occasions), a sheer berry color.  But because the eyes are so simple, I would also use Revlon’s Fuchsia, or MAC’s Impassioned.  Both are bright and fun and look good with a basically bare eye.

I let my hair down, comb through it, sometimes rub a little oil in it (mostly I save this for nighttime), and either leave it down to dry into slightly frizzy waves, or I clip it back up and let it down when I go to sleep.

So that’s my routine.  Pretty basic, easy to do, and really quick.  It looks perfectly polished either for work, class, or wandering around town (though I wouldn’t wear the bright lips for work or class).  The eyes are defined just enough, and the skin looks awesome and dewy thanks to some liberal highlighting.  It’s a perfect base to build off of, too.  You can just darken up your outer eye and still look put together.  What’s your daily routine?  Do you have something that you do every day?


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