[Mini] SkinSonic Review

I got my SkinSonic almost a month ago.  I’ve been using it on and off since I got it in the mail.  The SkinSonic is cheaper version of the Clarisonic, and because I had been wanting a Clarisonic so bad, I figured I would get this, because the reviews were a lot better than the Clarisonic’s.  The price was also better ($50, free shipping, compared to $149, free shipping).  Although the Mia comes in all sorts of colors, it’s bigger, bulkier, and doesn’t come with as many heads.  Here’s a short overview on what comes with the SkinSonic.  When I do a full review, I’ll tell you how I use it.

When you open the package, the SkinSonic is cradled in plastic, and all the little heads have their own cozy little beds, as well.  It comes with the Sensitive Cleaning Head on, and at first, I scoffed, and said, “My skin isn’t sensitive!  I don’t need this!”  Yes.  Everyone needs to use this head first.  Sometimes even this one is a little too rough.  It’s a power cleanser, and it is way stronger than your fingers or even the scrublet that comes with Go 360 Clean cleanser (which is what I used).  If your skin can handle it without pain, you can switch it up to the Normal Brush Head, which has stiffer bristles.  The Sensitive has some blue bristles; the Normal has some black.  (Another comparison; with SkinSonic, you buy sets of brushes for $15; either 2 cleaning brushes, or 4 exfoliation/hydration heads.  Clarisonic is $25 PER brush.)

It also comes with two identical spongey heads; the Exfoliation Head and the Hydration Head.  I probably won’t use the other head for exfoliation, because I get enough from the cleansing head.  (Please excuse the right brush head; I’ve been using it for almost a month…it’s bound to be a little dirty.)

The last head it comes with is the Toning head.  It’s supposed to boost your skin’s appearance.  I haven’t used it yet, but it looks like it would be good to massage sore feet or legs with.

It also comes with a little stand that I find useful for keeping it within reach.  The bottom has little rubber circles to keep it in place, even while wet.  Most people would keep this on the sink, but I share sinks.  Instead, mine chills on my desk, with the cleansing head right next to it.

Each head pops on and off very easily, but not so easily that you have to worry about them coming off when you’re using them.  It’s run by batteries, and the battery compartment is at the bottom.  It’s waterproof, so you can take it in the shower with you (like I tend to do), and not worry about it getting ruined.

The on/off switch is easy to turn on/off, but when your hands are wet, it can be a bit difficult to slide the switch.

So, that’s about all it comes with, and when I do my full review, I’ll show you what it looks like in action, how I use it and what it’s done for my skin!


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