Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: A little frustrated and a lot tired.  I’m working on french homework, and one of the first assignments is to watch a video and write the words french speakers are saying.  Really difficult for me.  I’ve also been working every single night since I started, along with starting class, so I’m wiped at the end of the night.

2.) What’s your favorite fast food? I have to say Chipotle, right, since I work there?  But I also love Taco Bell.

3.) What was the last movie you went to see?  I went to “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, which was more silly than scary.

4.) Current nail polish: Nothing on my fingers, but “Midnight in Moscow” on my toes.

5.) What color is your toothbrush?  It’s pink with blue bristles that lose color to tell you when to get a new one.

6.) What do you hear right now?  CSI is on T.V., and I’m typing away.  I’m also repeating the french alphabet over and over to cement it in my head.

7.) Current outfit: Refuge jeans, grey cami with  a striped crop top over top.

8.) What was the last thing you ate?  I’m eating garlic hummus and pretzel chips right now.  So good.

9.) On a scale of 1-10, how afraid of the dark are you?  I’m not afraid of the dark so much as I’m afraid of the things in the dark.  And I would rate that fear as a 9.

10.) Weekly goals: Get through my first week of classes (especially French)!


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