Weekend Send-Off

Today is going to be a long day.  I have class in about 30 minutes, shopping for an outfit to wear dancing this weekend, and then back for work.  And then I close tonight, so I won’t be back until late.  These days are wearing me out.  I hit the snooze button at least five times every morning, and nothing can get me out of bed until I see the clock and realize that I have about 5 minutes to make the 10 minute walk to class.  I made it just in time this morning to take my first French test, and when I was finished, I was tempted to take a nap.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been staying up until 3 a.m. reading (on my phone) every night.  Oh well.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Enough babbling; here’s the love list.

1. Nicky Charles.  I downloaded Aldiko on my phone  (I’ve been trying to stay away from the library…I don’t have a lot of time to read, and I don’t want to run up any fines, so I’m just reading from my phone, or the books I already have), and there’s a database of thousands of free books written by self-published authors.  I discovered a series that I can’t tear myself away from written by Nicky Charles.  I’m on the third book now, and I got really excited when I found out there should be a fourth book coming out sometime soon.  (She’s also made me want to write my own stories…something I miss doing now that I have no time for it.)

2. Floral J. Crew Scarf.  I’ve been living in this thing.  It’s light enough that it doesn’t look too winter-y (I’ll bring out my black/grey scarf for winter), but its warm enough to wear when it’s blustery and cold outside.  I love the subtle floral print, and I love the scrunched up look of it.

3. Maybelline Eyestudio eyeshadow in Carbon Frost.  I picked this up at Walgreen’s a week or so ago, and I love it.  It’s half black, half pinks/burgundies.  Swirling them together gives a shimmery deep pink.  I normally use the pink side for the lid, and then put the black through my crease.  But I use the line where the shadows meet so my crease isn’t too intense.

So, what are you guys loving this week?  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, filled with lovely catnaps and long, restful nights (because I don’t think mine will be).  See you all Monday with an etiquette post.


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