Fast Food Etiquette

1. Stay off your phone when ordering.  We deserve your attention as much as (maybe more) than the person you’re talking to; we’re making your food, after all.

2. We’re not slaves.  Sure, you sneer at me like I’m below you, but this job is paying for my college education.  I’m just as good, if not better, than you.

3. Don’t be upset when I stop by your table to ask how everything is (or ignore me).  Chances are, I don’t want to interrupt you either.

4.  Don’t be afraid to be picky.  If your food isn’t good enough that you want to eat it, tell me.  Ill refund your money or make you something else, but I wont know how your food is unless you tell me.

5.  But, don’t be too picky.  If so, I’ll just look the other way and pretend I can’t do anything different for you.

6.  Don’t argue with your friends (or continue that conversation with the people you’re with) while ordering food.  It’s awkward for me, awkward for you, and its not conducive to a fun, friendly atmosphere.

7. I make mistakes, too. Don’t be angry if I mess up.  Its stressful back here.

8. A genuine thanks and smile goes a long way.  It makes me relax if you’re friendly, and makes me more likely to add a little extra meat or guac without charging you for it.  (But no matter how friendly you are, I’m not going to bend the rules too much.  Don’t expect me to add another spoonful of meat, another spoonful of guac without charging you.  And to those people who are rude about the amount of food you get: order more if you’re so unhappy with portion sizes.)

9. But don’t talk my ear off.  It distracts me when you talk to me while there are other people in line behind you.  It’s part of my job to get food prepared and wrapped up as quickly as I can.  Don’t take it personally if I sort of brush off your conversation.

10. Closing time is closing time.  No, I will not make you food when it’s 10 minutes after close.  The time is posted on the door, almost at eye level.  You have a cell phone, you can check the time.  I’m sorry you can’t a place that will serve you food this late, but don’t get mad when I refuse to give you food (it’s been put away anyways); I have a home to get back to.  I don’t live in this place; I work here.  Quite the difference, if you ask me.


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