What I Did Last Night

I worked from 5 to 11:30, and when I got back, I just wanted to climb into bed and sleep forever.  But, my roommate was getting a haircut in the room, and it was blunt (because a guy was doing it with clippers).  I picked up some scissors and fixed it.  After that, hair was on the brain.  I’ve had my box of hair coloring stuff sitting under my bed for the past few days, and decided that it was time to recolor to red.

If you read this post, you’d see the vibrant color I had before.  This time, I tried a different color dye (I used “Magenta” last time, and this time I used “Red Fire”).  I also used a 40 volume developer instead of the 30 vol. I used last time.  When the color was distributed, I headed to the bathroom to shower it out.  It looked like I had killed someone in that stall when I was finished (I wish I had had the presence of mind to snap a quick picture; perfect Halloween shot).  My roots are way light (almost orange), but the whole thing looks so good.  I used a color sealant on this one, so hopefully it won’t fade quite as fast.  But even if it does, I’ve got a ton of backup dye left.

It feels so nice to have my hair back to a bright color.  (Please excuse the dark circles under my eyes.  It seems that no matter how much sleep I get, I’m still exhausted.  And I’ve been sleeping for around 7 hours every night, with at least an hour nap during the day.  What is wrong with me?)


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