My Very Favorite

So, I know I should have added these things onto my love list, but I felt like that would be unfair, because they would take up space every single week.  They deserved their own post, and here it is.  The “they” I’m talking about are Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in “Soft Rose” and Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in “Sunny Spice”.

(Which, I just noticed, have almost the same color tone.)

First up, the blush.  I know a lot of people who have an obsession with blush.  I never understood it, and I’d never really used blush, either.  I’m afraid of getting that clown look, and if I don’t use blush, there’s no way to get the clown look, right?  Earlier this week when I was following a makeup tutorial, I realized that the one blush I own (Sunny Spice) was about the same color as the blush they were using in the video.  I decided to put it on.  And instantly loved it.  It’s a lovely, deeper toned blush, definitely more of a fall color, and gave my cheeks a pretty glow (because of the tiny amount of shimmer).  Swatches, you say?  Okay:

It has perfect pigmentation, and it blends out easily.  You don’t have to worry about going overboard, but if you do, it’s easy to fix.

Onto the lipstick.  This is a lipstick I got at the same time as my super bright one, and because I was obsessed with the brights, this one never got much attention.  Until I was doing the makeup tutorial.  The lipstick used in the video was a soft rosy color, just like the one I had already.  So, again, I used it.  This is one of those “my lips but better” lipsticks, and I love it for a fall nude (it wouldn’t pass as nude any other time of the year because of the rose undertones, but in a season filled with purples, berries, and reds, this color is a nude).  More pictures:

I’ll see you all on Monday with swatches from the new eyeshadows I bought a few days ago (they were on sale!).  Have a lovely, restful weekend, everyone!


One thought on “My Very Favorite

  1. I use the same blush…and I agree, it freakin’ rocks. I used to use one called “pink flamingo” which freaked me out when I saw it because it had the look of a porcelain doll…a possessed one :-) but it was very sheer and gave me a glow like I had been running. Which is the closest I get to running…If you don’t ahve a Mary Kay person, my mom sells it and you can order it online…I adore their products. Plus I get to try them cheaper :-D Loveth it. I’m going to attempt to subscribe to your musings. I’ve been thinking that I should blog. I’ve heard it’s good stress relief. Plus oddly enough, there have been a couple scholarship things saying “post such and such in your blog and enter…” bizarre.

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