Maybelline Eyeshadow Singles

I had three to begin with; “Champagne Fizz”, “Linen” and “Earthly Taupe”.  The six new ones have only added to the delight I feel over this brand of eyeshadow.  The texture is velvet, and the pigmentation is awesome.  They’re easy to blend, and really easy to work with.

“Made For Mocha” is a matte, dark brown.

“Turquoise Glass” is a matte, turquoise (obviously).

“Antique Jade” is a shimmery forest green.  (Slightly metallic.)

“Amethyst” is a shimmery deep purple.

“Copper Craze” is shimmery metallic copper.  (The most pigmented of the bunch.)

And finally, “Silver Lining” is a frosty light silver.

The three that I had before:

“Linen” is a soft, matte yellow-y white.

“Earthly Taupe” is a light tan, and perfect for your “best friend” color (for blending).

“Champagne Fizz” is a high shimmer, slightly pinkish champagne color, perfect or highlighting (which I use it most for).

(In order from the list.)

I’ve only used the three that I had to begin with, and then “Made for Mocha”.  I know that they wear really well, lasting all night while I’m at work.  They retail for around $3.50 a piece, but I always manage to find them on sale, mostly in Ulta.  Have you tried out any of these?  What was your opinion?  If you haven’t tried them, which ones do you want to try?


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