Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: Weirded out.  Just got back from eating at Chipotle with Krista, and the boyfriend calls to tell me that he and a friend saw a girl getting raped/strangled in the park we just walked through.

2.) What do you hear right now?  The sound of my keyboard, Krista moving around and the humming of the heating thing.

3.) Do you have any tattoos?  I have four; a black and white nautical star on my right wrist, some words on my left wrist, a hyena on the left side of my chest, and a little heart behind my left ear.  I’m going to get two more that I know of within this year.

4.) Current nail polish: Nothing on my fingernails, but I have Aztec Orange on my toes.

5.) What is your favorite pair of shoes?  Right now, my Big Buddha slip ons.

6.) Current outfit:  Bullhead skinny jeans, a pink and grey striped top I got from Dry Goods, and my grey suede boots.

7.) Do you collect anything?  Not really anymore.

8.) What is your favorite perfume (or body/soap scent if you don’t wear perfume)? Anything that has amber.  I’ll get it instantly if it had notes of amber.  But I also love my Lolita Lempicka perfume.

9.) Do you feel younger or older than your current age?  I feel a lot more mature than most people my age, but at times, I feel a lot younger.

10.) Weekly goals: Get back on track with classes without overworking myself.


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