Project Product: Playing Catch-Up

I’ve done good while on Project Product, but I have picked up a few makeup things, which I didn’t mention in the original post, so I’m free to get them.  I’ve finally used up five things (well, six actually), and I’m ready to give a short review of them.

Mary Kay Loofah Body Wash in “Red Tea and Fig”: Travel Size.  I really, really loved the smell of this stuff.  It was a slightly sweet, very clean smell.  It lingered on my skin for hours after I showered, and even with perfume or body spray, I could still press my nose to my skin and get a good whiff of the stuff.  I wasn’t really all that fond of the bits of exfoliating seeds, but they did make my skin softer.  I would buy this again, if there was a non-loofah version.

Mary Kay Loofah Body Wash in “Lotus and Bamboo”: Travel Size.  This has boy approval.  He liked the smell of the first on me, but he loved how clean and fresh this one smelled.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell (or of the exfoliation), but it wasn’t too bad.  This might make a good gift for a boyfriend with dry skin, because besides the exfoliating seeds, the formula is really moisturizing.

Dove deodorant in “Original Clean”.  I’ve been using this stuff for years now.  I love the scent, how well it wears, and the bursts of fragrance throughout the day.

Olay Complete all day UV moisturizer in “Normal”.  I’ve been using this stuff since I moved to college (I think I’ve blogged about it before), and I love it.  It’s not greasy or too heavy, but just right.  It also helps that it has SPF 15 in it, for protection all year long.

Head and Shoulders “Classic Clean” shampoo.  I’m plagued by a dry scalp when the seasons change, and I always fall back on this classic.  It’s what we used back home, and it’s the only thing that will clean my hair, clear my itchy scalp, and leave my hair with a soft feeling, and light smell.  No matter what other shampoos I use, I always come back to this.  (It also clears body acne, which I have on the back of my neck because of my long hair.)

Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara in “Kohl Black”.  Like some of the other things on this list, I’ve been using this mascara for quite awhile.  It’s been tried and true many a time, and although I try out other mascaras, I come back to this one.  It lengthens and volumizes my lashes, and doesn’t leave me with the raccoon look (unless I sleep with it on).

I’m getting there guys, wish me luck on the rest of the list!


One thought on “Project Product: Playing Catch-Up

  1. The Mary Kay Body washes do come in just a shower gel…I’ve used the exfoliating kind a lot…actually the bamboo lotus kind is in my shower right now :-) It smells so freaking awesome.

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