Fall Lust List

I’ve been doing quite a bit of online window shopping, trying to hold off on buying anything until I get my next paycheck (because I went a little crazy a few days ago at the mall), and I’ve compiled a list of the things I’m lusting after for Fall/Winter 2011-2012.

The World Traveler Scarf in Magenta/Multi by Forever 21. $10.80.

I love everything about this scarf; the color palette,  the pattern, the fringed ends and the width (27.5 inches).  I can see myself in this scarf, and I love that.

Au Naturel i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette by Sleek Makeup.  $10.50.

It looks like the Naked palette to me, but for a fraction of the price (without the blues and greys).  I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on Sleek eyeshadows, and I’ve seen a few looks done with this palette.  Every color in there (both matte and shimmer) is something that I would use over and over again to create a natural, fall/winter eye look.

Parliment in Tan by Not Rated. $69.00.

I love this pair of boots.  They manage to give a casual, but rocker look, and the tan is so perfect for fall.  The studs are a nice addition, as well.  But I have a hard time finding boots that fit my legs.  They’re always too big around my calves and make me look like I’m wearing rain boots, which isn’t the look I’m going for.

Milari in Marron by BORN. $210.00.

It was love at first sight for these boots, and the only thing that I hate about them is the price.  They’re utterly gorgeous, but even if I had the $200 to spend on them, there’s no guarantee that they would fit me, and that would be upsetting.  Damn these small calves!

Hooded Wool Peacoat in Scarlet or Med. Charcoal by Mackintosh New England.  $67.99.

I love the idea of having a red coat, but it may be a little hard to work with (accessories and such), but because deep reds are so in, I’m leaning towards the Scarlet.  I don’t have an in-between coat; I have light jackets that keep me warm in the chilly springs, and then a super heavy coat that keeps me warm in the frigid, windy winters.  But the big coat is too much, and the light jackets are too little for this current weather (which is going to last a bit).  I love the rolled sleeves, and the hood (because it’s essential to keep your head dry when it’s pouring buckets), which is an unexpected touch.

250 Thread Count Twin-Size Down Blanket in Sage by Royal Velvet.  $35.69.

If you know me (or my family), you’ll know that blankets are a huge thing for our family.  We have blankets EVERYWHERE (which makes sense when we set the heat to 68 F to save money), and I grew up with a love of cuddling in an oversized blanket.  Here in college, I don’t have a bunch of space for a lot of blankets, and I’m at a loss when I sit down to watch a movie, because I don’t have a blanket ready to wrap up in (because they’re all on my bed).  I love green, and the dusty color of this down blanket is so pretty.  I would love to wrap up in this blanket (or have it on my bed).

Liquid Metal in Phenomena by Illamasqua. $27.57.

Illamasqua makes gorgeous makeup, and I love how pretty this cream eyeshadow is.  I don’t think I would be able to spend that much on just one eye color though.

Minimus 10 in Gray with Coral by New Balance.  $99.99.

I’ve been lusting after these shoes ever since they came out.  I’ve been looking at them, hoping to catch them when the price comes down, but it’s stayed pretty steady at $100.  I love everything about these shoes.  They’re tiny, weigh almost nothing, and there’s no bulk to them.  I have a hard time with running shoes because I have such small ankles, and thin feet.  Most running shoes are far too bulky and tend to trip me up when I run.  They also make me feel self-conscious, and no one wants to feel like they look weird (which has kept me from running here).

That pretty much concludes my list for now, and I’m hoping to pick up a few of these things with my next check (and hoping to get others for my birthday).  The Sleek Palette and the scarf are probably going to be the first things I pick up, just because I’ve been eye-ing the palette for so long, and because the scarf will be much used with the windy weather.  What’s something on your lust list for the upcoming, and current, season?


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