Le Love List

1. EcoTools Blush Brush.  I’ve never felt a brush that is so soft!  I picked this brush up at Ulta because I’ve been in a blush phase the past couple of months.  It’s soft and applies blush to my cheeks like a dream, but it also blends it out so it looks completely natural.

2. Dark Hair.  I loved my red hair, I really did.  But the cold weather was making me itchy and I needed a change.  Because I couldn’t change the room around again, I did the next best thing and colored my hair.  It’s a shade or so darker than my natural color, and the red before peeks through, giving a really pretty color.  I’ll do a post next week showing it.

3. The Inheritance Cycle.  I’ve loved these books since the first one came out.  Kyle got me the entire boxed set for my birthday, and I’ve been racing through them to FINALLY know what happens in the end!  I’ve become attached to the characters all over again, and I’m going to be so sad to see this entire story end, but I’ve been waiting for years.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a good weekend too.  Me?  I’m going to another Thanksgiving where I’ll gain another 10 pounds….


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