Maybe (Random Monday)

1.) Ten (at least) chocolate rice crispy treats and a whole pizza was not the best thing to treat myself to last night.  Along with a melatonin taken at 1 am, that equaled me stumbling to the bathroom at 7 am to be sick.

2.) But don’t forget the trip at 8:30, too.

3.) The best thing about this morning was Kyle coming in after his class to cuddle with me, and falling asleep until 2-ish.

4.) The Apple Cinnamon instant oatmeal was good, too.

5.) I ran out of story to post for Novel November.

6.) Because I ran out of a boring class to sit in for two hours.

7.) I can’t find a happy temperature to sleep in; I’m either too hot or too cold.

8.) I hate how dry my hair is; nothing I put in it makes it less static-y.

9.) I love how it looks right now, though.

10.) I’m going to go read Brisingr.

11.) What a good book.


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