Tattoo Experience #2

As I was driving home from getting my first tattoo, I wanted to turn the car around and go back.  I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew I wanted something else.

It took me a until July to figure out what I wanted (I got the star in November).  I decided on “beautiful wound” in Marathi on my left wrist.  I decided on Marathi because I think the script is beautiful, and this tattoo was meant purely for me; meaning I couldn’t care less if the casual observer could read it.

I made the appointment at least a week before I left on vacation for Florida because I didn’t want it to flake while I was playing in the sea, because it would look awful after all the sun and salt.

I wasn’t quite as nervous for this one, because I already knew what the wrist pain level is, but I still got a queasy belly as I walked in the shop.  AJ was waiting for me, and after confirming the print, he put it on my wrist and got his tattoo gun out.  The sound always freaks me out.

For some reason, this one hurt more than the star.  I was almost begging him to stop by the end.  When he finally finished, he asked me if I wanted my star touched up (when it was flaking, I itched, therefore it looked horrible), and I said yes.

PAIN on PAIN that experience was.  Getting it touched up hurt more than getting it done the first time, plus the second tattoo.  I was squirming in my seat, trying not to move, clutching my right arm hard.  I had little finger shaped bruises where I was holding afterwards.

With the touch-up and the new tattoo, the total came to about $40, and it took maybe 15 minutes for both.