Tattoo Experience #3

When I lived in Wyoming, I was always only 45 minutes away from my artist (AJ), but when I moved to go to college, I left my artist behind.  Because of my nature, I won’t let anyone take a tattoo needle to me except for AJ; meaning that I get the tattoos I want when I have a chance to go home.  (Which, as you might have guessed, is not very often.)  The first year here, I was miserable because I had a few tattoos that I really wanted, but I had to wait until May (my brother’s graduation) to go home and get them.

I had planned to get two tattoos; a hyena on my chest, and a tiny heart behind my ear.  I was more nervous for the hyena, because it would be my largest tattoo to date.  The ear wasn’t a big deal to me, because it was so little.

I actually have some footage of the hyena tattoo getting done, which can be seen here.

It was uncomfortable, but very bearable.  Most of the time, I didn’t even realize that he was tattooing me.  When he neared my collarbone, that’s where I flinched and felt the most pain.

The hyena took around 20 minutes, and the pain level was pretty low.

The heart took maybe two minutes, and it hurt more than all three of my tattoos put together.  The entire time he was tattooing me, I wanted to escape.  I was immobilized with pain, and the vibrations behind my ear were very unpleasant.  I would not get another behind the ear tattoo.

Together, the hyena and the heart were $70.  They took around 25 minutes to complete, and I was out of the shop pretty quickly.

Days after I had the hyena done, I was at my little brother’s high school graduation.  I was holding my nephew, and he was obsessed with the tattoo because of the texture, I think.  He was grabbing at it and scratching at it whenever I wasn’t paying attention.  It hurt like crazy, and it had a constant patina of red surrounding it.  Because it had been flaking at the time, a lot of the ink had been pulled out, and it was left with a very patchy appearance.  I had it touched up when I went for my most recent tattoos (the photos were all taken after touch-ups).

Stay tuned for the next (and last) three posts about my most recent tattoos!


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