(Days 1, 2, and 3)

Since I worked pretty much all day yesterday, I’ll just add Saturday’s picture here.

Day Four – A Stranger:

I didn’t take this picture (it’s actually taken from here), but I wanted to post it here anyways.  Although Shaun Wild was a stranger to me, I know that he was a good friend to a lot of people here at my college.  A few nights ago, he was stabbed to death while trying to defend his friend (who also goes to school here).  The man who stabbed them both was harassing the younger about his tight t-shirt, and Shaun Wild stepped in after the younger was stabbed once.

I didn’t know Shaun Wild, and I don’t know the other guy who was stabbed, but I still have this churning stomach whenever I think about it.  His poor family and friends…

Day Five – 10 am:

This picture pretty much explains itself.  My hair is crazy, my makeup smeared, and the clock in the back says 9:48 (which is close enough, if you ask me).


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