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Day Thirteen – Blue

This is Nikolai. He is a Build-a-Bunny from Build-a-Bear that I made just a few short months ago.  I made him so my other bunny, Luca, wouldn’t be so lonely.  Well, when I went home, I accidentally left Luca, and he hasn’t made his way back to me yet.  I’ve been sleeping with Nikolai instead.

(And how do I tell them apart, you ask?  Luca has a green bow and Nikolai has a blue bow.  Luca was also made in the summer, so he has a lot more wear and tear to him.  He’s also smaller for some reason.  Both are the same exact bunny, but Nikolai is huge compared to Luca.)

Photo taken with my Samsung Continuum, and edited with the free app, Little Photo.


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