Lipstick Update

It’s been awhile.

Hi, my name is Cassandra.  Remember me?

Anyways, school has been pretty crazy, and I’ve been working my tail off to get projects and papers done last minute.  Add in massive procrastination and you’ve got me; a stressed-out college kid.

I’ve been trying to do the lipstick thing, and I try to put it on before I walk out the door…all the crazier colors get wiped off last minute because I’m not brave enough to wear them out yet.  Here are two lipsticks I have been wearing an awful lot, though.

This is Fanfare by MAC, the very first day I decided to do the lipstick thing.  It’s a very pretty mauve-y rose color, and it’s a Cremesheen finish, which gives it the glossy look, and also makes it very moisturizing.  It lasts for hours (I’ve never counted how many, though), and it gives a nice finished look to the lips without going overboard on color.

This is The Faerie Glen by MAC, after I colored my hair (oh yea, I colored my hair again.)  It’s a very light nude-y color and it’s a Lustre finish.  It barely covers the natural pigmentation of my lips, but it doesn’t give me a corpse look like a lot of other nudes give me.  Super moisturizing, and lasts for hours without needing a retouch.

Both are perfect for wearing with dramatic eyes (or as I’ve been wearing them, super super dramatic lashes).


One thought on “Lipstick Update

  1. these are both 2 beautiful lip colors on you; very subtle and flattering. I especially love the Fanfare shade–Makes me want to run to the mall and get one :)

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