Not Cutting It

I have a secret for you.

Although I look like I’m incredibly in shape, fit, and look like I eat well, I don’t, and I’m not.

I’m skinny, but I pant as I walk up a hill.  I eat pizza rolls for lunch, and other salt-laden foods for dinner, and I sit on my butt in my room most days, and other days, I lay on the couch and watch T.V.  Very rarely, I get up and actually do something active.

Lately, I’ve been feeling an itch.  I’m not content sitting in my chair, laying on my bed, relaxing on the couch.  I look at my pizza rolls and crave vegetables and fruits.  I look out my window and crave sunshine.

Spring has sprung, and my body is finally coming out of winter hibernation.  I’m anxious to work my body out until I fall asleep, exhausted and happy from the hard work.  I crave mountains, and long to be back in Wyoming, hiking with my dog.  But because I can’t afford a $400 plane ticket everyday to hike, I have to make do with the flat prairie of the Midwest.  I’m already planning camping/hiking trips in my head.  Right now, I’m looking out the window, typing as fast as I can so I can get out there.

School starts tomorrow, and I already know that I’m going to be bogged down, but I’ve already vowed to make this my best term in order to get accepted to University of Arizona for next fall. The beautiful weather will make it tough to go to class and get papers done, but there’s only 10 more weeks until I’m finished with my sophomore year at college (who knew I’d get this far?).

My mind can’t handle sitting in my room anymore; I’m headed outside to soak up some sun/warmth.


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