I’ve Got a Secret

I’ve got a million things running through my head right now, and I can’t make myself put them down on a page.

Relationships (as always) are up and down for me; good one day, completely, irrationally ended the next.

The dog goes in turns; either pisssing me off, pissing on the carpet, or being really good.

It’s been forever since I’ve been able (as in, have internet) to write a post, and now that I have this oppourtunity (in Barnes and Noble), I have no idea what I should say, and what I shouldn’t.

I’ll be 21 in 4 days, and I can’t make myself face the reality of FINALLY being an adult.  I haven’t ever felt grown-up; I feel like there’s just a little kid in a (slightly) larger costume, playing grown-up and fooling everyone.  I’m fooling everyone, with this grown-up act, but deep down, I know that it’s going to fade, and I’ll be left with a soggy, run-down costume and nowhere to go.

It’s always doom and gloom when I write here, it seems.  Because once I sit down and write (catharsis), all my fears flood to the surface.

I’ve got this secret (and I’m still hiding it), and it’s freaking me out.


One thought on “I’ve Got a Secret

  1. When we force ourselves to sit down and write about what is going on in our lives we either a) write about a fictional live we wish we had or b) we puke it all out on paper and proceed to freak out. I think that the only way to get a grip on our own reality is to do “b”, even if it does make our fears come out. It’s the only way that we can start the “fixing” process. As for your secret, when you’re ready to tell someone you will. Until then don’t let anyone pressure you into telling them. That can be the worst choice you make. Anyway that’s just my opinion (but I kind of like it!)

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