Catching Up

My work schedule has finally slowed down enough for me to take some time to write something.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Braden for a week, and was a little bit sad to go back home.  I was excited, however, to sleep in my own bed.  After sleeping on the couch or chair, my bed felt like a cloud.

My yarn came the other day, and I’m really happy with it.  The colorway I chose is called “Williamsburg” in “Wool of the Andes”.  It’s 100% peruvian wool from knitpicks, and it’s really soft.  I haven’t really had the time to start the scarf, but I figure I have a few more months until I’ll need it to keep my neck warm.  I want to knit on the plane, but I’m not sure if that’s a possibility.

I’m more than halfway through “The Plains of Passage”, again, I haven’t had the time to read it very much.  Last night, while Kyle was out eating, I was laying in bed reading until about 11.  I also need to finish “Eat, Pray, Love” because it’s due back at the library in a few days.  I’m onto the second part; the last time I read it was on the drive back from North Dakota.

The kittens haven’t been featured in the blog for a long time, and today seems like a good time to mention them.  They’ve all grown quite a bit, but still aren’t weaned.  Cairo is the biggest, as I knew he would be.  Their pretty blue eyes aren’t blue anymore, but still pretty.

Yesterday, I went into Spearfish to pick Sam up from his grandma’s house and bring him home.  After we had lunch with her, we stopped at Dairy Queen and got some ice cream.  Mine melted and Sam didn’t like the grey ice cream in his blizzard.  I also stopped in at Aasylum Tattoo, and set up an appointment for my next tattoo.  I talked to the guy (AJ) who did my star, and he’s doing my next one as well.  I’m keeping the tattoo a secret, because I don’t want anyone else to get the idea into their head to get it before I do.  My appointment is August 2 at 3 p.m.  I’m super excited, but also a little nervous.  I am glad that I’m going to get it before I leave for college, because then I think I can wait to get another.  The saying about tattoos being addicting is true.


Last Day

Today is the last day of the week with Braden, and then tomorrow starts the three days with Sam.  I honestly can’t conjure up enough excitement to keep working.  I haven’t had a day off for at least a week.  I’m trying not to complain, because I’m making money, and my college fund is going to be growing by leaps and bounds, but I’m exhausted.

I go home tonight, and I’m going to go straight to sleep.  I know one night isn’t enough to catch up on sleep (and you can’t really ever catch up), but I’m pretty excited to sleep in my own bed.

I’m also excited to see the animals, though I can’t say I missed Salem’s puppy bark.  I want to figure out why Jasper’s face is suddenly weird.

When I went home on Wednesday, I was visiting with the kittens, and Jasper saunters up to get some attention.  I don’t think anything of it, and then I take a double take.  There’s about two inches between her eyes now!  If you’ve read my about page, and followed all the links, you would see her nose is totally normal, and not thick at all.  When I go home tonight, I might be able to drag myself outside to take a picture of it, to compare.  There’s something wrong with her.  She looks like an impostor.  Maybe she is…

Day Four

We did it!

Except for Braden hitting his forehead on my toenail, he got out alive.  He also ate good, and he had an afternoon nap that was about 3 hours long.  He got a bath yesterday as well, because when I left him for 20 seconds to get some diaper rash cream, he grabbed hold of his (very full) diaper, and smeared poop on his legs.

When he fell asleep with his head resting on my belly, I forgot all the frustrations of the day, and was happy.  His sweet, white, downy hair was sticking up, and he smelled like new baby smell, and I would have cuddled him if it wouldn’t have woken him up.

My biological clock is dinging, not very loud, but dinging.

Day Three

Two down, three to go!

I thought this would be easy, because Natalee is gone, and I wouldn’t have to get both of them to nap and to eat and to leave each other alone.  But this is becoming a whole lot harder than I thought it would be.  I mean, the eating is great; he eats whatever I spoon into his mouth.  But the napping thing.  April told me he takes a really long nap either in the afternoon or morning, depending how hard he plays.  A long nap is almost three hours, according to her.

Well, when I put him down for a nap, either morning or afternoon, a long nap isn’t more than 45 minutes.  Naps are essential to not only the baby, but to the person taking care of the baby, be it mother, father, or babysitter (me!).  I need time to rest!  My nights haven’t been giving me the time to rest, because I’m either cramped on a couch, woken up by a storm, or woken up by him in the middle of the night.

Maybe today will be the lucky day where he sleeps like he’s supposed to, eats how he’s supposed to, and doesn’t fall and hit his head more times than I can count.

Maybe today we will both come out unscathed.

Day Two

I slept wrong last night.

I slept on the little corner section of a sectional couch, and I didn’t have room to stretch out.

So now;

There’s an ache in my shoulder,

In my side,

In my hips.

I also had the strangest dream ever that, when I woke up, I thought I would blog about it.  But, when I was woken up in a way I’ve never been woken up, i.e. a baby screaming, I forgot all about it.  I’m the one always pining for a baby, and a few days ago, I actually told Kyle: “Everyone around me is having babies!  My biological clock is ticking!  No.  The alarm on my biological clock is freaking DINGING.”  (I never did get that saying, “my biological clock is ticking.”  It’s basically stating a fact.  A clock ticks all the time.  To say your clock is ticking, is to say that you’re a woman, right?)

My biological clock’s alarm isn’t as loud today.

What Could Be So Bad?

Today is the first day of the week-long job of babysitting Braden while April is at work.  After he had a lunch of Beef with Garden Vegetables (which smelled really good), he played on the floor, climbing and throwing toys.  He had only been awake for a few hours when he started showing the classic signs of being tired.

I picked him up, and we watched the food network.  Somewhere between Guy grilling salmon and making pita bread, he fell asleep.  He lay with his head up against my side and my hand covering his cold little toes.  Suddenly, he jerked really hard, his face turned red, and he started to cry.  I shifted him onto his side and rubbed his back.  He quieted down and went back to sleep, with eyes cracked open but unresponsive.

Minutes later, he does the same thing.  Cue the back-rubbing and sleep.  Then he wakes up, again.  Finally, I decide that he’s hot, and I move him to his crib.  As soon as his blanket touches his cheek, he smiles a sleepy smile and he’s out.

(I hear him crying now.)

What can a baby so young have to fear so much that it disturbs his sleep?