That’s Beefsteak tomato, Chammy, and Gala Apple.  After the unfortunate “fall” that Chammy took, she was too far down in her old home to get enough light.  I figure that she can live in a cup until she outgrows it.  (As you can see, she’s grown A LOT.)  (And if you were wondering, the arrows on the tomato are where I planted a seed.  I like being organized.)


New Home

I don’t have anything for you…yet.  I go to the dentist today (for the first time in oh, about 12 years), and I’m kind of turning into a nervous train wreck.

But, I did replant my rose last night (the pot was leaking), and I decided that my baby chamomile needed a new home as well (from now on, if you read “Chammy”, you’ll know that I’m talking about my chamomile.  I decided that if it knew how much I loved it, it would grow better.  I’m in the market for a name for the rose as well).

I think they like the new places…

And that makes me a very happy girl.

A Weekend Well Spent

As promised, here’s the picture heavy post.

On Friday, we went to Kyle’s house.  From there, we went out grocery shopping (for taco salad…yum!), and book shopping (a Borders here is closing and having huge sales).  I got a book: (for $4.80!)

The next morning, we all got up bright and early (7 a.m.) to go to Kyle’s grandparents’ house.  While there, I worked on my hat:

and met puppies:

We all had cake, ate a lot, and came back home.  I checked on my plants:

And planted more:

(spearmint in the pink, chamomile in the flowered)

This morning, after I got done with classes, I picked up the mail.  I got these:

(Atomic, Tahiti Sunrise, Palm Tree, Nuclear Energy. Lip balm in Bubblegum was a free gift.)

And these: (from John)

(“Bucking Bull with Rope”)

(“Duke and the Cats”)

(“Aunt Casse”)

It was really quiet walking back from class because I was the only one walking on the road.  The trees, which were covered in the rain from last night, froze, leaving tiny drops of ice on the branches.

When they fell, they made a tinkling sound as they hit the pavement.