Welcome to My Life

Hi.  I love you already.

In other news, this is currently what my day looks like:

A new pattern being written, a paper on the books due tomorrow, closing tonight at Chipotle, and coffee; lots and lots of coffee.  Will I get any sleep tonight?  (Better yet, will I get anything done homework-wise tonight?)


Weekend Send Off

It’s been a very long week, over here in my world, and a very productive one as well!  Here’s the things I was loving this week:

1. Chipotle.  Yes!  I got the job!  After three interviews, I was finally informed that they thought I was the best addition to the crew, and they couldn’t wait to work with me!  My mind has been totally changed after some research on the food, and after getting a few free meals, I’m glad I work there.  My go to burrito?  Chicken with cilantro lime rice, sour cream, cheese and lettuce (I love their lettuce!  It’s super crispy and adds a great texture to the burrito).  It’s simple and way delicious.

2. My Sleep Mask.  When I ordered from drugstore.com (which is where I usually order vitamins and misc. beauty things for cheap), I needed an extra $2 to get free shipping, so I headed over to look at sleep masks.  The blinds in this room leave some of the light out, but right where my head is, there’s a shaft of light every single morning that ends up waking me up around 8.  So, when I use the mask, I am able to sleep later in the day (and I don’t wake up as much during the night, either).

3. Knitting.  I had tried to knit this summer, but it was so humid and so hot that the yarn felt gross on my fingers, and I was miserable.  Now that I can control the air in my room, it’s always cool enough to knit while I’m covered with blankets (seriously, I put the air at 70 and it’s a freezer, I bump it up to 75 and I’m roasting).  I’m working on a few projects right now; something that I started over the summer but was too hot to pick up again, and a gift for someone.  The best thing ever is to sit wrapped in blankets with a movie on my computer (it’s best when its a Disney movie, but any works; last year, I would watch “Planet Earth” and knit hats) and just knit.  Or, like last night, I took a melatonin, climbed into bed and just sat and knit.  The pattern is complex enough that I don’t get bored, but easy enough that I don’t get frustrated with it.  My head was free to wander, and when my eyes started aching, I put the knitting down, scooted down into my blankets, and fell asleep.

So, those are the things I was loving this week, what were your favorites?  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and tune in on Monday for a post about Aloe Vera!

Ready For Round Three?

I had hoped to write a post today all excited because I got a job, but after two interviews, I only have the promise of yet another interview.  Both interviews went really well, with me being complimented the entire time.  Today, the manager in charge of interviews told me that the managers from yesterday’s interview liked me a lot, which was why I had another interview.  He told me that he liked me and was definitely going to give me a call-back.  Apparently I have all the characteristics of people they want to hire, and I have a great personality.  I also interview really well and show my intelligence when I answer questions.  I’m really excited, but also a little bit confused.

Who knew it was so much work getting a job at Chipotle?