Merry Christmas…

To everyone who celebrates!  I hope you all got what you wished for!  And plenty of snow (if you wanted it).  And a quick Christmas memory; I give you Christmas 1992…

Everyone have a safe Christmas and a lovely New Years!


A Christmas Wishlist (Full of Things I Will Not Be Getting This Year)

My computer has been making some strange noises lately, and I’ve been in the market for a new computer.  I’m afraid that if I don’t get a new one soon, this one will crash and I’ll be left with no way to do homework (let alone Facebook, Twitter, blogging).  This laptop is perfect; it’s not too extreme for price, and it fits my needs perfectly.  I used Lenovos in high school (yearbook), and I know how well they run.  If I get any money for Christmas, I’m saving it up to buy this myself (along with a paycheck from work).

I’ve always craved a DSLR camera, and after being in Yearbook and being exposed to them (i.e. using them every single day), I yearned for one.  I love taking pictures (and no, not just of myself), and finding beauty in the ordinary.  I love this camera.  If I had $500 to spend right now, this is probably what I would get.

No, I lied.  I would get these.

They’re beautiful, edgy, fierce, sexy.  I could think of a million more words to express how these shoes look, and I still wouldn’t be able to describe them properly.  I drool when I see them, and I can’t help but go to the webpage every day to look at them and wish I had a pair.  I would wear them with skinny jeans and a tank top; with short shorts, tights and a black long sleeved shirt; with my lace dress and black tights.  I can think of so many outfits to work them into, and my heart skips a beat when I think of having my own pair.

Those are the three things at the top of my Christmas list, and I know I won’t be getting any of them.  But I will end up with them sometime in the future, even if I have to save 4 consecutive paychecks.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, filled with plenty of hot chocolate, and dreams of Christmas gifts!

More Books

I’ve written about the number of books I have collected since I’ve moved away from home, and for Christmas, I got three more.

I got “Jane Eyre” (which I’m reading now), “Pride and Prejudice” and “Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales”.  I showed you “Arabian Nights”, which I got for my birthday, and “Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales” (to be known as GCFT from here on out) is from the same collection.  Both books have gorgeous illustrations, pages tipped with gold, and a ribbon bookmark.

GCFT had me in awe the minute I opened it.  The picture that is on the inside cover looks like this:

I’ve always wanted to read Grimm’s versions of the fairy tales that I know and love, and having an awesome hardcover will get me reading them.

And there are a TON of stories in here.  This is the first page of the Table of Contents:

These are the 2nd and 3rd:

These are the 4th and 5th:

And here’s the last page:

The front cover is a picture of Rapunzel wrapped in her hair:

I also got another book for Christmas, although I won’t get it until March.  I’ve talked about it a million different times.  It’s Jean M. Auel’s “The Land of Painted Caves”!  It was pre-ordered for me for Christmas, and it’ll ship within days of it’s publication.  I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival, and after I get some knitting done, and read some of the books that I already have, it’ll be here and I can enjoy the end of the series!  My goal is to read the first ones (again) to get ready for it to be here.

By the way, all the photos in this post were taken with another Christmas gift I got: a Sony Bloggie video camera.  Kyle got it for me, and I’ve been using it for everything…I actually made a video a few days ago showing some of my Christmas gifts.

Now I need to go and get Kyle’s Christmas gift made.  I spent so much time on Annette’s gift that I didn’t get time to even start his.