Best Intentions

I had the best intentions for blogging during the trip, but because the internet connection was not free, and there was no wi-fi, I was unable to do so.

We had so much fun at Universal and Islands of Adventure!  The beach was a very new thing for me, but fortunately, the only thing I didn’t like was the salt water in my eyes.  It’s so much worse than chlorine.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  It was like walking onto the set for the movies, or even into the books themselves.  There were holograms of most of the characters inside the castle, and the castle was cooler than I thought it would be.  It was dark, and cold, and I shivered a lot, which was strange to me, because we were in Florida after all.  The “Dueling Dragons” ride was the ride that ruined most of the day for me, though.  It was too many twists and twirls for me.  And at one point, the two cars came so close together that it scared me.  When the ride stopped, I coughed really hard, and knew that I was going to throw up.  The only thing stopping me from doing so was the fact that Kyle and I were sharing a car with two other people, and I was not going to throw up in front of people I didn’t know and become “the girl who threw up on Harry Potter”.

We visited Citywalk several times, and a few of those times were lucky enough to go to Cinnabon, which is probably the best thing in the world!  We also ate at Bubba Gump, Emeril’s (at the hotel), Mythos (at the park), Hard Rock (the largest!), and a little beach restaurant with one of the most confused waitresses (she forgot my food.).

The beach (Cocoa Beach) was really hot.  (I found a lot of seashells, and Kyle picked up a dead jellyfish, but wasn’t stung.)  The sand was so hot, we had to run across it so our feet wouldn’t be scorched.  Sadly, my feet weren’t the only things that got burnt.  My face, neck and shoulders also got pretty crispy.  My nose is actually peeling right now.  And don’t forget my part.  Besides the unfortunate burning, I also got a nice bronze all over my body, from when I sat in the shade at the pool.  I kinda like the color.

We got in last night at midnight, after a pretty rough flight.  It was the first time I encountered turbulence on a flight, and I was honestly so close to crying and almost breaking Kyle’s hand I was squeezing so hard.  We rode home in a limo, and Kyle and I both fell asleep.  The limo driver was crazy, and one time, we stopped so fast that everyone flew forward in their seats.

All-in-all, it was a fun, exhausting trip.


Heavy on the Pictures

Orientation was on Friday, and Kyle doesn’t work on weekends, which explains why I haven’t been blogging.  The days that Kyle was working were so long, and so boring.  I straightened my hair one of the days, and watched “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.  I haven’t been taking very many pictures, either, because I feel like I’m already living here.

Orientation was so fun!  I was nervous at first but then, after meeting a girl, Tia, and a guy that she knew, it wasn’t so hard anymore.  I met more people, and I’m looking forward to going to college.  I set up my schedule, but I wasn’t able to get into Latin this term, maybe next term.  I’m looking forward to my anthropology class, but not my biology class and lab.  I’m also excited about “The Evolution of God” class, which counts for not only religion, but humanities as well.  I got my official North Central stuff (which is a t-shirt and sweatpants, all in Cardinal red), so now I’m an official North Central Cardinal!

Last night after dinner, Kyle took me to Coldstone, where he bought my Peach ice cream that was so good.  We walked downtown for awhile and then went into bookstores.  As usual, we spent more time than we thought we would in Barnes and Noble, and when we finally left, it was dark.  When we got home, we laid in bed and read, until Kyle fell asleep and I made him go to his bed.

Our flight in the morning is early, like, waking up at 4 am early.  And out of O’Hare.  I still have packing to do, which is strange because I’ve been living out of my suitcase since I got here.  I got this adorable dress for Florida, but I couldn’t resist and wore it today.  I was so cold.

Books, Loans and Sore Butts

While riding in the pick-up, I spent a lot of time reading, talking, and taking pictures out the window.  Most of the pictures didn’t turn out so well.  I did get one of the sun behind the clouds; the edges are bright, and there are rays of light coming out from behind.  It’s probably the best picture I took the entire trip, which wasn’t quite as long as I thought (and hoped) it would be.

When I wasn’t talking (about anything from abortion to crops), I was usually reading.  (My butt also fell asleep, and I wiggled and squirmed to try new positions that wouldn’t let it fall asleep again.)  Early in the day, I had finished “The Mammoth Hunters”, and because I didn’t think I would finish it (because when I left, I still had maybe 250 pages left), I didn’t bring another Jean M. Auel.  What I brought instead was “Eat, Pray, Love”.  I started it while Sam was absorbed in “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.  So far, I’m in love.  Elizabeth Gilbert is an amazing writer, combining humor with her (somewhat) bittersweet journey to find what she’s looking for; pleasure, devotion and balance.

I’ll hold off on the review as of now, but I am looking forward to getting one written.  So far, (and I’m not a huge fan of non-fiction) her story has captured, and held, my interest, and I hope it continues.  And if it doesn’t, I still have “The Plains of Passage” and “The Shelters of Stone” to read.

In about 3 weeks, I’m headed off to Orientation, and after that, Florida.  But before all that happens, I have to decide what I’m taking for college, because when I finally get back home, I’m going to be going to my sister’s to help with the new baby for a week, and then I have to fly back to Naperville to begin college.  I don’t have a whole lot of time to be deciding what I need to bring, and what can stay.  My plan, so far, is after I’m done packing everything I need for the upcoming trip (orientation/vacation), if I have room, I’d like to pack college stuff that I don’t really need at home, and leave it with Kyle so I’ll have more room when I’m flying down the second (and hopefully, final) time.  Everyday, I see something in my room that makes me go, “Hey!  I’m going to need that in college!”.  But the problem is, I’ve never been to college, and I don’t know what I’m going to regret bringing, and what I’m going to regret leaving at home.  It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be coming back during breaks because I just don’t have $300 for tickets while I’m paying for everything I need in college.

And speaking of books; crap.  I never once thought about having to buy them.  I knew that’s what college kids did, but for some unknown reason, I spaced that part, and in doing so, virtually ignored about $400 that I’m going to need.  I keep telling everyone that I’ll be fine, I’ve got jobs for the next week, and when I get back, my sister is going to pay me too.  But, in the 2 months I have left, I’m not going to be able to make $1300, plus $400 for books.

I’m going to have to take out more loans, which I’ve been fighting from the start because I don’t want to put myself more in debt when I’m already taking out $6000 a year.  I don’t want to have all that debt hanging over my head for the rest of my life.  But I can see it’s probably going to be necessary to be able to attend college and further my education.