And The Winners Are…

(The video is processing right now, but will be up shortly!)

Congratulations to the grand prize winner (earrings and 25% off coupon) Jordan H!

The two other winners (of the 25% off coupons) were: Jeanelle B. and Lisa B.

I’ll be sending out e-mails to all of you for your mailing address!  If one of you (or all) does not respond in 24 hours (I’m counting!), I will choose another winner!

And thank you SO much to my aunt Stacia, who donated the coupons and earrings for me to give away. This is her etsy shop.  Go support her by buying some awesome handmade jewelry!


Giveaway Ending Soon…

Hello everyone!  It’s been a super long time since I’ve been on to write a blog, but I wanted to remind you that my giveaway is ending, and I pick the winner(s) tomorrow at 11 a.m. Chicago time.  Remember that I’m giving away 3 sets of earrings and 25% off coupon from my aunt’s etsy shop to one lucky winner, and I’m also giving away 2 25% off coupons to my aunt’s etsy shop to two other lucky winners!  I may be giving other things away sometime in the near future, after I can get back into the swing of blogging again.  I have another week of classes before finals week, and I’m super excited to finally have some time for me!

I wanna get started on the books that I got at the library (“Tale As Old As Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast” and “Fortress in the Eye of Time“).  I’ve been obsessed with fantasy books lately, so that’s probably all that you’ll hear about in the book department from here on out.  I’m also obsessed with everything Disney, especially Beauty and the Beast, which is why I was super excited when I saw that the copy of this book was back in.  I’ve been waiting for a few weeks to read it.  I’ll let you know how it is :)

Happy Halloween!

Kyle and I dressed up as Tyler Durden and Marla Singer from “Fight Club”.  We’ve been planning this for months!  I also have so much going on for the next few days, my head is spinning.  I have dinner tomorrow night at Kyle’s mom’s house for my birthday, I have to go to a job thing downtown after class, and then on Tuesday, I have a paper due, a lab due, and dinner with Kyle’s dad for my birthday.  It’s a full schedule.  (By the way, I did the make-up for both of us…I had so much fun, and his bruise looked so real!)

Don’t forget about my Giveaway!  You have until November 15th to enter!


Merriam-Webster defines tranquil as “free from agitation of mind or spirit” or “free from disturbance or turmoil”.

My dorm room is like that now.  Although I can hear the muffled voices of the girls who share the hall with me, everything seems to fade away when I’m in here alone.

The shades are closed, but the bright sun filters in, creating a warm, dim environment, perfect for blogging, napping, knitting or reading.  The heaters have finally been turned on, and though it is not stifling in here, it isn’t cold either.  It’s the perfect temperature to curl up, drink some tea, and do the activities mentioned above.

The soft hum of my laptop is as soothing as flowing water, and I can feel my eyelids get heavy.

My classes are finished for this week, and the weekend is in front of me, heavy with expectations of relaxation.  College is starting to wear me down, and this tranquility is perfect for my tattered state of mind.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for some cute Christmas jewelry.

Giveaway!! [Closed!]

So today is your lucky day!  Today is the day when my first giveaway takes place.  I will be giving away three sets of earrings and a 25% coupon to a lucky winner, and then two other winners get a 25% off coupon to my aunt’s jewelry shop.  (Thank you, Stacia!)  The earrings are adorable:

They’re all dangly, as you can see.  (Personally, the snowflakes are my favorite.)  Okay, now you need the rules.

  1. U.S. or Canada only.
  2. Post comments on THIS BLOG POST.  Comments on YouTube or Facebook are not accepted.
  3. Post only one comment.
  4. No Enter Me’s.
  5. Comment should include your name, and e-mail address.  If you’re anonymous, you can’t win!
  6. For the comment, you should write about your favorite Christmas memory; gifts, games, food, etc.
  7. Contest ends November 15th (everything will be shipped to you in time for the holidays!)
  8. Winner will be chosen via (on Monday morning at 11 am) and I will post a video of me doing that.

Have fun everyone!

The Zoo (and Books)

As you might know, yesterday was spent at the zoo.  Only on the ride over was I obsessing over my Ebay on my phone.

It was a very warm fall day, but cool enough that I needed a sweatshirt (I also put shorts on, which was, apparently, tempting fate).

We had a very nice day, and I only complained a few times (about my shoes; I wore my Converse, and they are so worn out that little crunchy leaves got inside from the bottom).  I took a ton of pictures, but I need new batteries for my camera.  I brought three sets, and ended up wearing every single one out.  I didn’t even get a picture of the zebras.  (Or I just need a new camera…)

We also ate zoo food, which was awful.  I got chicken nuggets (10 for $10), and they were McDonald’s quality.  They were greasy, and I came out of the restaurant feeling worse than when we went in.

My internet is slow today, because I was up until midnight watching videos on YouTube (I’m only allowed 750 MB every 24 hours, according to college rules.  When I go over, they bump my speed down), so I’m not going to put photos up of the animals.  I will say, however, that I got quite a few good ones.

And then, when we got home from the zoo, we went to Goodwill to search for clothes for our Halloween idea (Marla Singer and Tyler Durden from “Fight Club”).  I found the perfect dress: (it’s supposed to be ugly, but the more I look at it, the more I love it.  The color is awful though.)

and also got some books for my book stash, which is growing larger and larger by the day.  Who knows when I’m going to have time to read all of them.

I got “Fair is the Rose“, “Plainsong“, “The Scar” (which sounds soo good), and one that I’ve been wanting for awhile, “The Time Traveler’s Wife“.  They were all $0.89 except for “Plainsong”, which is hardcover, and that was $1.79.  I love cheap books.

Speaking of books, I picked up The Yarn Harlot’s books at the library.  I’ve finished “Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter” (it took me a night) and look forward to finishing the others as well.  I also got the book I put on hold; “Lolita“, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Strange Pilgrims” (a collection of short stories) for the story, “The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow“.

Since we’re talking about reading, I’m happy to say that I’m more than half way through “God’s Concubine”, and I love it.

I have a lot of reading to do, because Kyle’s mom also gave me a few books; “Pushing The Bear“, “We Are All Welcome Here“, and “The Shadow of the Wind“, which the review calls a “dream date for those who love books”.  And then from home, I brought Candace Bushnell’s “One Fifth Avenue“, the book I bought in the Florida airport, “The Botticelli Secret“, which has a bookmark in it from when I started, and I still haven’t finished “Scar Tissue“.  I’ve pretty much completely removed that book from my mind, even though I want to get through it.

Wow.  Look at all the books I want need to read.

(Notice “The Clan of the Cave Bear” stuck in there…Probably won’t get to that before it’s due back at the library.)

And one more thing; the Halloween giveaway has been moved to become a Christmas giveaway. :)