To Catch Up..

So let’s start with Halloween.

You saw some of it, but here’s more.  We trick or treated for about an hour, but all of the neighborhoods were empty (which was weird because it was still pretty early when we went out).

On the day before my birthday (the day after Halloween), Kyle’s mom ended up getting me some clothes for my job interview (more about that later), and a gift card to downtown.  I made homemade vegetable soup like I used to  make at home, and Kyle’s brother made cheesecake.  The cheesecake was supposed to be chilled for 5 hours.  We didn’t want to wait until 2 am to eat it, so we had some slightly runny cheesecake; either way it was good.  Kyle’s youngest brother Scott drew me a picture (of a hyena!), that I hung right next to my bed.

The next day, which was my actual birthday, I dissected a pig fetus at 10 a.m. for Biology, and at 2.30 went to a job interview. (Yes, I showered in between.  I smelled awful.)

I got the job!

I also got some nail polishes and mascaras with my gift card from Ulta.

A couple of days later, I tried my hand at covering my tattoo, because my job requires that no tattoos are visible (and you know that I have one on each wrist).

Then on Friday, Kyle and I went to dinner with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend.  I got a book, and a set of travel MAC brushes.  (And I tried deep dish pizza, which I’m not really that fond of.)

I got this super soft blanket (among other things, I’m too tired to put everything back together to photograph) from my aunt Stacia.

Then, with the gift card, I got this from Barnes and Noble:

Christmas presents probably. :)

Then before my birthday week even started, I forgot to mention that Kyle bought me another book, one that I had been wanting to read for so long, but never had time to pick it up from the Hulett library.  It’s “The Rose Labyrinth“.  It was on the bargain table for $5.95, and he told me I could pick out any book for under $10.  It’s hardcover and I can’t wait to read it!

And then yesterday, Kyle took me to the mall to find some black pants for my job (I did get pants from Annette but they have gray in them, and I can only wear flat black.).  I got a pencil skirt, and some black pants (and tights, because I can’t have bare legs).  We stopped at Target and picked up some food, and I also picked up some more of the best face wipes ever (which was good, because when we got back, I used the last one from my first pack).

Now, I have reading to do, a paper to do, and I have a test (which is tomorrow) to study for.

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Happy Halloween!

Kyle and I dressed up as Tyler Durden and Marla Singer from “Fight Club”.  We’ve been planning this for months!  I also have so much going on for the next few days, my head is spinning.  I have dinner tomorrow night at Kyle’s mom’s house for my birthday, I have to go to a job thing downtown after class, and then on Tuesday, I have a paper due, a lab due, and dinner with Kyle’s dad for my birthday.  It’s a full schedule.  (By the way, I did the make-up for both of us…I had so much fun, and his bruise looked so real!)

Don’t forget about my Giveaway!  You have until November 15th to enter!

It’s Off to the Zoo We Go!

At 9.30, we’re leaving to go to the zoo.  I’m a little bit worried about leaving my ebay, because I’m bidding on stuff (but I have been outbid on all the brush sets except for one), but the couple of things I’m bidding on; the brushes end before I leave, so I can make sure they’re mine, and the other one thing, I don’t even need anymore, so I could care less whether I’m outbid or not.  It is BENEFIT eye primer, (which sells for $20 on their site, and I bid not even $2 on ebay) but I already ordered some from e.lf.  I would love, however, to have the good stuff.

Okay, I changed my mind.  I have to have this stuff after reading the reviews.  But I have 4 days to make sure it’s mine.

(This is me, as soon as I get out bed, hardly taking the time to rub my bleary eyes.  I. HAVE. TO. CHECK. MY. EBAY!)

Because it’s almost Halloween, look for a giveaway.  I’m currently in the stages of thinking one out.  It will be up soon.  Doesn’t everyone love giveaways?

A Halloween Story

On my floor, there is a contest to decorate doors for Halloween.  The reward for winning is a gift card.  I wasn’t going to do anything, but since Rachel is gone, and I was bored, I thought up a design for the door.  And made Kyle help me.

The door originally looked like this (the Wyoming sign, which is sooo cute, is a gift from Astrid).

I thought that I would just cover the door with black paper and make little spatters of blood with red paper, with something that said “Beware”.  Something completely boring but still Halloween-y.

Well, I started doing some research online about designs for Halloween.  Before long, I was tired of looking, and about ready to give up.

Then I had an idea.

The Nightmare Before Christmas” is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I know it from beginning to end.  It was the perfect idea.

I started to plan out what I wanted it to look like, and decided it would be Jack’s head poking out, looking annoyed.  Then Kyle told me I couldn’t forget Jack’s dog, Zero.  I agreed, and then suggested the hill with the moon behind it.  And my door was born.

I started out with some white paper and drew a huge circle on it.  I kept cutting the edges off, so it would be perfect.  Then I started  planning out the placement of the smile, nose holes, and eye holes.

Here I am, hard at work.

Here’s Kyle, not hard at work.

Then all of a sudden, Kyle wanted to help out.  He started working on Zero,

while I worked on coloring in Jack’s eyes.

Then we headed out to dinner before the dining hall closed for the night (I got Blue Moon ice cream, yum!), and talked about more things we could add to the door.  When we got back, we started working on the door again.  I perfected Jack’s face while I finished off my ice cream.

Kyle set out to finish Zero’s body; cutting it out, drawing in lines, and putting his pumpkin nose on.

I had started on the hill, but the little curlicue in the center threw me off and I kept getting frustrated.  I finally drew an okay one, and then Kyle took over, fixing what was wrong.  When he held it up for approval, I perfected it, and then he started cutting it out.

When that was finished, he cut out little pumpkins, while I cut out headstones.  (Pretty much from here on, the pictures are of him, because he didn’t take any of me.  I did a lot more than I’m pictured doing, just so you know.)

And then it was finally time to put it all onto the door.  You don’t even know how excited I was!  I was jumping around, hugging Kyle, and kissing him all over the face.  He made a cute Zero!

Jack went up first, because he was the main part of the door.  Everything else went around him.  Once he was in the perfect place, we started rolling tape to hold him there.  Then the hill, moon, pumpkins, and headstones went up.  Then it was finally time for Zero.

He hardly let me help put Zero on the door.

This is me, showing how much I love Jack.  He was very-well made.

This is the semi-finished product, before the spiderwebs were attached.

Then came time to attach the spiderweb stuff, which was frustrating, because tape hardly held it on.

Then it was complete!

It was the best Halloween decorating I’ve ever been a part of!

What are your favorite Halloween memories?  (Or am I too early?)