This Explains Everything.

I stayed up way too late last night trying to work on my paper, which I finally finished around 5:30, and when I fell into bed at 7:30 (finally!), I slept through the class I had written the paper for (I was awake enough to e-mail the paper to the professor first, though).  I woke up at around 1 to go to my other two classes (I’ve missed the last few of them because I’ve been sick).

My notes are hilarious; words are misspelled and going off in strange directions.  Halfway through my last class, I started drawing.  This picture explains my entire day.  (Also, hover over it to see the clever name.)

I’ve been up too long already, so goodnight and I’m not sure when I’ll wake up again.


Welcome to My Life

Hi.  I love you already.

In other news, this is currently what my day looks like:

A new pattern being written, a paper on the books due tomorrow, closing tonight at Chipotle, and coffee; lots and lots of coffee.  Will I get any sleep tonight?  (Better yet, will I get anything done homework-wise tonight?)

I’m Negative

For TB!  So, I’m safe to teach :)  Next thing I’ll need to do is get a FBI background check, then I’ll be good to go.

I want to go and check my mailbox so bad, but I have two things that are due tomorrow for Bio, and I need to get them done.  So, the plan is to do my Bio pre-lab, and finish the lab writeup from last week’s lab, and then I’ll go down and get the mail.  And while I’m down there, I’ll stop and wait for Kyle, and maybe get a smoothie.  I’m feeling a cold coming on…

I have a sliver embedded under my finger nail on my left pointer, and I’ve been trying like crazy to get it out.  The only thing I’m doing is causing myself pain.

I also had some pain in my left ear, and I stopped in at the clinic for them to check it.  Turns out, (and this is always the case, since I’ve been a baby) that I just have a build-up of wax.  So right now, I’m sitting here, with a chunk of cotton in my ear, after having put this thick, clear liquid in my ear, which should fix the problem.

Gross, right?

I’m also frustrated with Ulta because they’re having a huge sale, and I have coupons.  When I moved here, I didn’t bring nail polish, and I was running out anyways.  I also need a file, and some new chapstick.  With all of that in my cart, I could have used the coupon and saved a bunch of money, because the nail polish was on sale ($2.29 instead of $4.65).  When I tried to order it, it said that the transaction could not be completed and to try again later.  I have stuff to do later.  I want my order to go through now, so I don’t have to wait so long for it to get here.  I might just walk down to the Ulta store downtown, too.

That reminds me; tonight, the Mongolian Grill downtown has college night tonight, and Kyle said he was taking me to it.  So maybe we’ll just go to Ulta then!  What a wonderful night this is shaping up to be!  (Too bad the cupcake shop is closed on Mondays…)