Ready For Round Three?

I had hoped to write a post today all excited because I got a job, but after two interviews, I only have the promise of yet another interview.  Both interviews went really well, with me being complimented the entire time.  Today, the manager in charge of interviews told me that the managers from yesterday’s interview liked me a lot, which was why I had another interview.  He told me that he liked me and was definitely going to give me a call-back.  Apparently I have all the characteristics of people they want to hire, and I have a great personality.  I also interview really well and show my intelligence when I answer questions.  I’m really excited, but also a little bit confused.

Who knew it was so much work getting a job at Chipotle?



I’m alone in my room right now, all I hear is the sound of cars driving by.  I want to write, but my head is all blocked up.
…BACKSPACE.  (I’ve written a paragraph but I hate how it sounds.)
Everything I write is overly dramatic.
…BACKSPACE. (And when I add onto that statement, I sound like I’m 12 years old and cutting again.)
Here’s what’s been going on in my life:

We got our reward letters for next year about a week ago.  As many know, college tuition goes up every year.  This year, here at North Central, it’s gone up about $2,000.  My reward letter granted me about $26,000.  One year of attending this place is around $40,000.  If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you know me, and my money situation.  My parents didn’t save up for my college education.  My parents didn’t even go to college.  I’m on my own.  Dad isn’t paying for my college; I’m working through this by myself.
This both freaks me out and makes me proud.

It’s possible to work through college; hundreds of people have done it.  But without banks letting me get loans (I don’t have that all-important co-signer), the leftover, i.e. what I have to pay, is too much.
I’ve been thinking about going home, but the thought of switching colleges has made me feel like a failure.  I know if I go home, I’ll get caught up in something that won’t allow me to finish college.  I know too many people there and I feel like they’ll pull me down.  I didn’t do much in high school because (I thought) no one wanted to do anything with me.  But now that I’ve talked to classmates, I found out that I wasn’t a pariah; people tried to get a hold of me to invite me, but couldn’t get through (DIAL-UP INTERNET).  If I went back to that, a place where I felt accepted, school would get pushed to the wayside, especially if I didn’t have to pay (and that was the deal: a free-ride).  I feel like, even though I have no friends here, and I’m stressed to pay for this school, I’m in a good place; a place that I will get through because I have no distractions.  It’s scary, being here without my family, but it’s manageable.

Now, delete all of that stress and fast-forward to yesterday.  I found that I just had to “accept” financial aid, and I’m up to $33,000 (which is what I have this year).  It’s payable (I don’t have a whole lot left over for fun stuff, but I’m handling it, barely).  Add to that the fact that I have $65 in my savings account.  My $1,400 tuition payment is due next month.  STRESS.

I feel like if I talk about this next thing, it’ll go sour and I won’t be as lucky anymore, but I’ll risk it.  I was contacted to be a nanny in Naperville this summer.  It’s a live-in position, plus car, pay, and a set-schedule (allowing me to get a side job, as well).  I was supposed to meet with the lady today, but a gymnastic accident put her daughter in the hospital, and we’re meeting on Monday instead.  Send me good thoughts.  I need this.

As of today, there’s only nineteen days until I get to go home.  I get to see my friends, my puppy (that’s not a puppy, and not mine anymore), and my family.

On the reading front.  I haven’t had much time to read, but I what time I do have, I try to get through “The Land of Painted Caves“.  I have to be honest, you guys, and saying this makes my heart hurt, but.  I hate it.  I’m not sure if I hate it because it’s the last one, or just because the storyline sucks.  (Seriously, in one paragraph, Ayla is holding her baby, the next paragraph, with no extra space, her baby is now 4 years old and talking.)  I feel like Jean Auel rushed through this just to get it published and to get herself some money.  There’s no planning, and it’s just, bad.  There’s also way too many numbers to keep track of, and the characters act different than they’re supposed to.  I’m glad I have it, and I am going to finish it, but I’m probably going to complain.  A lot.

In this past week, I’ve watched some of the Disney movies that have been on my Watch List.  Pocahontas 2 (which was extremely racist and not good at all.), Mulan 2 (better than Pocahontas but it was just too much), and Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World.  You guys know how much I love Disney, and Belle.  But this movie was GODAWFUL.  Belle acted like a snobby prude, and Beast acted like a huge asshole (pardon my language) to her the entire time.  I couldn’t even get through the entire thing.  I literally stopped it after about thirteen minutes, and put in the original Beauty and the Beast (which I cried about, and I’m not ashamed to admit it).  I checked out “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” one and two today from the library, and I hope they aren’t bad.  (I don’t have much hope for the second one, but both Kyle and my roommate, who is a HUGE Disney buff, even owning stock in the company, say that it’s one of the best.)

I hope you’ll all forgive me for my lack of posting, and hopefully, after this weekend (WORKING from pretty much 7:30 am to 10 pm Saturday and 11 to 4 on Sunday) I’ll be able to write.  This might have been the writer’s block being stabbed in the face with an icepick.

Job Search

Last night, I signed up on and  Both are supposed to be good sites for both hiring and finding a job.  As you might know (I think I blogged about it), I have a profile on enannysource, but I haven’t had anyone asking me for a job.  I was expecting this to be easy; sign up, post a picture, e-mail a few people and get a job, but it’s not happening like that.  (I always think something is going to be easier than it really is.)

Well, anyways, I signed up for these sites and was content to wait for awhile (I don’t need a job until June) for someone to find me.  I woke up this morning to my phone blinking (that means I have missed calls, e-mails, texts, messages, etc) and turned it on to see a bunch of e-mails in my inbox.

Three of them happened to be from families that were interested in me (all of them were super close to Naperville as well).  One of them was for a 3 month old baby and I knew right away that I wanted the job.  I researched the town (it’s so cute and small), read over the family’s profile, looked at pictures (the baby is so cute!) and e-mailed them back.

Right away, they responded in kind and we talked about dates.  They said that my dates work for them.

This may mean that I have a summer job.

Sore Throats and Job Interviews

I’ve been drinking tea all day, hoping that it’ll help.  I’m also popping cough drop after cough drop into my mouth, wanting relief from the swollen rawness of my throat.  The things that I’ve tried (and only gotten temporary relief from):

  • Hot tea
  • Hot tea with lemon
  • Hot tea with lemon and honey
  • Cough drops (Halls Max)
  • Gargle with salt water
  • Gargle with Thieves mouthwash
  • Drink lots of water
  • Rest (I didn’t go to 2 days of classes)

I’m running out of things to try, and I’m almost ready to go to the wellness center to get some antibiotics.  It hurts to swallow, it hurts to breathe through my mouth, it hurts to talk, and it hurts even when I’m not doing anything.  I hate being sick, but the only thing worse than being sick is not being able to do anything to help it.  (Do you have any ideas to help me out?)

I’m hungry, but I can’t eat because it hurts to swallow.  All I can pretty much do it wait it out.

Other than being sick, I have a job interview on Wednesday that I’m feeling pretty good about.  In the mailroom today, there was a flyer for someone who needed a babysitter.  I’m always looking for little jobs that I can do when I’m not working to bring in a few extra dollars.  I called, but nobody answered, and remembered that it said “text to leave a message”.  So I texted the number, and a few minutes later, the woman (her name is Nikki) texted me back and apologized, saying that the baby was asleep in her arms.  I told her my schedule and she said she would look to see if it worked and then call me when the baby woke up.

After class, I called her back (she had called while I was in class).  In the message, she told me that my hours weren’t long enough for her, but she did need a night sitter when she went out with her husband.  When I called her, she asked my schedule, and I told her.  She laughed and explained that she had misunderstood what my schedule meant.  She thought that I only had the mornings open and she didn’t need a morning person.

So, lunch is planned for Wednesday; I’m going to meet her and the baby (who happens to be four months old!) and we’ll decide if it’s a good fit.  She sounds really nice and I can’t wait to see if she wants me to help out!

I think I’m going to make some more tea and read some more (I’m almost finished with my book).  There’s not much else to do at this point.

Ted’s Montana Grill…

The place that makes me feel like a poor little emo girl all over again!

My uniform is flat black.  The only color I had was the butter yellow lace of my tank top poking out, and my blue pigment eyeshadow.

Need to find more black long sleeved shirts.  Where are the cheapest places to get some?

Don’t forget my giveaway!  Get free stuff!  One more week left! :)

To Catch Up..

So let’s start with Halloween.

You saw some of it, but here’s more.  We trick or treated for about an hour, but all of the neighborhoods were empty (which was weird because it was still pretty early when we went out).

On the day before my birthday (the day after Halloween), Kyle’s mom ended up getting me some clothes for my job interview (more about that later), and a gift card to downtown.  I made homemade vegetable soup like I used to  make at home, and Kyle’s brother made cheesecake.  The cheesecake was supposed to be chilled for 5 hours.  We didn’t want to wait until 2 am to eat it, so we had some slightly runny cheesecake; either way it was good.  Kyle’s youngest brother Scott drew me a picture (of a hyena!), that I hung right next to my bed.

The next day, which was my actual birthday, I dissected a pig fetus at 10 a.m. for Biology, and at 2.30 went to a job interview. (Yes, I showered in between.  I smelled awful.)

I got the job!

I also got some nail polishes and mascaras with my gift card from Ulta.

A couple of days later, I tried my hand at covering my tattoo, because my job requires that no tattoos are visible (and you know that I have one on each wrist).

Then on Friday, Kyle and I went to dinner with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend.  I got a book, and a set of travel MAC brushes.  (And I tried deep dish pizza, which I’m not really that fond of.)

I got this super soft blanket (among other things, I’m too tired to put everything back together to photograph) from my aunt Stacia.

Then, with the gift card, I got this from Barnes and Noble:

Christmas presents probably. :)

Then before my birthday week even started, I forgot to mention that Kyle bought me another book, one that I had been wanting to read for so long, but never had time to pick it up from the Hulett library.  It’s “The Rose Labyrinth“.  It was on the bargain table for $5.95, and he told me I could pick out any book for under $10.  It’s hardcover and I can’t wait to read it!

And then yesterday, Kyle took me to the mall to find some black pants for my job (I did get pants from Annette but they have gray in them, and I can only wear flat black.).  I got a pencil skirt, and some black pants (and tights, because I can’t have bare legs).  We stopped at Target and picked up some food, and I also picked up some more of the best face wipes ever (which was good, because when we got back, I used the last one from my first pack).

Now, I have reading to do, a paper to do, and I have a test (which is tomorrow) to study for.

Also, don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  It ends in 8 days, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on free jewelry for the holidays! I pick the winner on Monday the 15th at 11 am Chicago time (so if you get in before that, while I’m in class, you still count).

This is Going to Happen

I’m going to do this. I’m going to do this.   I’m going to do this. I’m going to do this.  I’m going to do this.

Maybe if I keep saying that over and over to myself, I’ll blog every day like I’ve been meaning to do.

This will be a short one, kind of like using training wheels so I can get used to this blogging thing.

I have a job interview at 5, I have a lab and a worksheet on science due tomorrow.  The interview is about 2 hours long, and I’ve already scoped the house out with the help of Kyle.  It looks nice.  It’s huge.

I had a different interview a few days ago.  I think it went well, but I haven’t gotten a phone call back yet.  I hope I do.  I need money.

I keep telling myself to take more pictures, and today I took two of my dorm room.  The bed is rumpled, because I had to get up to get to class at 8, and I let Kyle sleep in.  I took one of my desk, which is piled high with everything from a fan to a bottle of sand.  (It’s my goal sand.)

The amount of time I spend sitting at my computer, eating stuff out of my food drawer, is larger than the amount of time I: blog, take photos, attend class.

Salem got a home.  He’s happy, the family is happy, I’m happy.  (His name is now Faolan, which means wolf in Gaelic.)

I’m still reading.  (Right now it’s Kathleen Woodiwiss, but I wanted something fast and easy.)