The Hellhat.

It’s a pattern I’ve based off of Lisbeth Salander’s hat in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, because I loved the hat so much and couldn’t find a hat pattern for it.  I thought that maybe I’d just write my own pattern.  As I walked back to the car after the second time, I was muttering under my breath, “knit 2, purl 2 rib for about an inch, no maybe an inch and a half.  Seed stitch for the rest of the hat…”.

For days, I spent time working on my pattern instead of my homework.  And before I even picked up the needles, I was stressing over this pattern.

I don’t have a picture to show you because the Hellhat is proving to be just as stubborn as Lisbeth.  I’ve had to restart the damn thing at least four times, and I’ve rewritten parts of the pattern to make more sense and actually work out.

This was taken from my twitter, and I’d like to state it again as a warning to the Hellhat:



Weekend Send Off

It’s been a very long week, over here in my world, and a very productive one as well!  Here’s the things I was loving this week:

1. Chipotle.  Yes!  I got the job!  After three interviews, I was finally informed that they thought I was the best addition to the crew, and they couldn’t wait to work with me!  My mind has been totally changed after some research on the food, and after getting a few free meals, I’m glad I work there.  My go to burrito?  Chicken with cilantro lime rice, sour cream, cheese and lettuce (I love their lettuce!  It’s super crispy and adds a great texture to the burrito).  It’s simple and way delicious.

2. My Sleep Mask.  When I ordered from (which is where I usually order vitamins and misc. beauty things for cheap), I needed an extra $2 to get free shipping, so I headed over to look at sleep masks.  The blinds in this room leave some of the light out, but right where my head is, there’s a shaft of light every single morning that ends up waking me up around 8.  So, when I use the mask, I am able to sleep later in the day (and I don’t wake up as much during the night, either).

3. Knitting.  I had tried to knit this summer, but it was so humid and so hot that the yarn felt gross on my fingers, and I was miserable.  Now that I can control the air in my room, it’s always cool enough to knit while I’m covered with blankets (seriously, I put the air at 70 and it’s a freezer, I bump it up to 75 and I’m roasting).  I’m working on a few projects right now; something that I started over the summer but was too hot to pick up again, and a gift for someone.  The best thing ever is to sit wrapped in blankets with a movie on my computer (it’s best when its a Disney movie, but any works; last year, I would watch “Planet Earth” and knit hats) and just knit.  Or, like last night, I took a melatonin, climbed into bed and just sat and knit.  The pattern is complex enough that I don’t get bored, but easy enough that I don’t get frustrated with it.  My head was free to wander, and when my eyes started aching, I put the knitting down, scooted down into my blankets, and fell asleep.

So, those are the things I was loving this week, what were your favorites?  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and tune in on Monday for a post about Aloe Vera!


I have a class called People and Nature, and it focuses on how people interact with their environment.

This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Environmental Studies from a humanities perspective. Students will read some of the most important books by American authors about the complicated and changing relationships between people and the rest of nature. These classic environmental tests offer insights into perceptions and uses of nature. This course aims to help students interpret arguments about environmental issues and understand their social, historical, and political context.  -From North Central College class catalog

The assignment for today was a “field report” about a time we went exploring into a new place.  When we were discussing our reports, the professor asked a question that stopped my in my tracks.

“If you enjoyed your explorations, why did you stop?”

I was speechless when she looked at me.  I really had no idea why I had stopped.  There were a million reasons rushing through my head, but I dismissed each one as an excuse.  I wouldn’t get lost on trails through the forest preserve.  People were willing to go with me if I didn’t want to be alone.  I had a way to get there.  Though the places here aren’t like they are at home, nature is beautiful wherever you are.

I’ve been feeling isolated, and I’m not sure what it is exactly; the lack of friends, a niche, etc (though I’m looking forward to the Open Needle Night at 6), and maybe it can be remedied by getting back into nature.  It seems like I have all these revelations, but I have a hard time following through on them.  I try to get involved at college, but I’m not as brave as I think I am.  I’m not very sociable either.  I have a hard time being with people my own age, but I do well with older adults, which will probably be the majority of Open Needle Night.

Wish me luck.

Back at College

So I’m back at college and this morning went to my first class of the term.  After, I checked the mail (as always).  I had packages!  They were mostly books for class, but also, my yarn that I was super excited to get back to.

Bachelor Button: (a gorgeous dusty blue/purple)

Wisteria: (a really light purple that looks gray next to grays, blue next to blues, and purple next to purples; it would bring the purple out of Bachelor Button)

Robot: (a super light gray that instantly caught my eye…I love grays!)

French Blue: (A deep but bright ultramarine blue)

Cadet: (A silvery light blue)

I’m not sure why, but the blues and grays really caught my eye this time.  Cadet is Wool of the Andes, and all of the rest are Shine Worsted.  The Shines are all super soft and shiny (as the name sort of implies).  I haven’t had the urge to knit yet, but when it hits, I’ll be ready.


I finished my first final of this week; I have two tomorrow, one on Wednesday morning, and then I’m officially on break.  And on break, is when I start the cleanse…is anyone looking forward to it as much as me?  Is anyone else planning on doing the cleanse with me?

Anyways, I thought I would show you what I started working on about a month ago, and just finished Friday night.  It only took a few hours to get it finished, and now I have a brand new hat!

The top sort of looks like a flower.

The bottom is ribbed.

It looks good with my hair up…

And down. (Kyle loves when it’s down.)

A Weekend Well Spent

As promised, here’s the picture heavy post.

On Friday, we went to Kyle’s house.  From there, we went out grocery shopping (for taco salad…yum!), and book shopping (a Borders here is closing and having huge sales).  I got a book: (for $4.80!)

The next morning, we all got up bright and early (7 a.m.) to go to Kyle’s grandparents’ house.  While there, I worked on my hat:

and met puppies:

We all had cake, ate a lot, and came back home.  I checked on my plants:

And planted more:

(spearmint in the pink, chamomile in the flowered)

This morning, after I got done with classes, I picked up the mail.  I got these:

(Atomic, Tahiti Sunrise, Palm Tree, Nuclear Energy. Lip balm in Bubblegum was a free gift.)

And these: (from John)

(“Bucking Bull with Rope”)

(“Duke and the Cats”)

(“Aunt Casse”)

It was really quiet walking back from class because I was the only one walking on the road.  The trees, which were covered in the rain from last night, froze, leaving tiny drops of ice on the branches.

When they fell, they made a tinkling sound as they hit the pavement.

What I’ve Finished

This is my sister’s hat (which she ordered weeks ago…I’m sorry I’ve just now gotten it ready to send to you!):

(The yarn is called “Bramble Heather” from Knitpicks if you were wondering.  It’s a lovely brown-gray that’s shy in photos. And the pattern is the “Waffle Hat”.  I’ve linked it above, and you can order it through the same link.)

It’s reversible:

Here’s the top (I always love finishing a hat because the top looks so professional!):

And here’s the detail of the lace along the bottom:

And this is a different hat that I started yesterday for myself.

And this is another different hat that I started the day before yesterday for myself.

I’ve included my pinky for comparison:

I hate using small needles.