My Day Routine

Since my Night Routine post was so popular, I decided to do a day routine post.  Mind you, this isn’t every single day, but once school starts, it probably will be.  This routine also relies pretty heavily on showering in the morning (and because I’ve been trying to prolong my hair color, I try not to shower/wash my hair every single morning; for example, I usually only lotion up after a shower).

It all starts in the shower.  (Actually, I lied.  It all starts with me dragging myself out of bed and dragging a brush through my hair BEFORE I jump in the shower so I have fewer knots to deal with when my hair is all wet.)  I usually wash my face with my SkinSonic in the shower (because it’s waterproof), while my hair is up in a clip with shampoo in it.  I brush my teeth, wash my body, and condition (though I don’t always do that last step).  When I’m all clean and fresh, I head back to my room.

I take the clip out of my hair, towel dry it roughly, and then clip it back up.  Some days, I’ll lotion up (but when I’m rushed, or still feeling soft, I won’t), using my Aloe Vera trick to make my skin supple and glowy.  After getting dressed, I put the hydration head on my SkinSonic (I’m going to do a mini review on this tomorrow, so you can see all the parts…but I haven’t used it long enough to fully review it), and like my night routine, mix lotion and aloe together and rub it into my face.  I use the hydration head to make my skin fully absorb the mixture.

Next up is my makeup (after letting my skin soak up all the lotion/aloe).  I have a little bag that sits on my desk with my daily makeup in it.  I’ve been wearing this combination ever since I picked up the shadows, but sometimes I’ll do something different if I’m going out.  I conceal everything that needs it, tapping the concealer on with my ring finger for more coverage (I’ve always seen people do this, but never understood why until I tried it myself).  I’ll usually use a lighter concealer doubled up under my eyes to bright my circles.  I bring the concealer lightly over my lid to even out the veins.  If I’m planning on being out and about, I’ll powder to make sure my concealer stays put, and keep my forehead and chin from looking oily.

Then, using the Base Shadow Brush from Real Techniques, I apply Maybelline matte eyeshadow in “Linen” all over my lid up to my brow bone.  It’s a few shades lighter than my skin, so it covers any veins and gives a nice light finish to my lids.  I concentrate a bit extra on my lids to really give them a nice pop of color.

Using the same brush (wiped off), I apply Maybelline matte eyeshadow in “Earthly Taupe” in my crease to warm everything up a bit.  This is a “best friend” color and really just gives a nice warmth, and a bit of definition to my crease without going overboard.  With the Deluxe Crease brush from Real Techniques, I use either “Champagne Fizz” from Maybelline, which is a pearl eyeshadow, or “Moonstone” from Mary Kay to highlight.  I generally use Moonstone when I want a really subtle highlight, and Champagne Fizz when I’m going all out (both are eyeshadows that I use for highlighting.  Although I use Champagne Fizz when I “go all out”, its not an overboard color.  It’s got a little more warmth than Moonstone, and the shimmer is more defined than Moonstone.  Moonstone is a rather pale champagne color, and Champagne Fizz is more of a honey tinged champagne.  Both are gorgeous and work awesome for highlighting.).  I run either color under my brow bone to give some shimmer to my eye (because both of the eyeshadows I use are matte), dot it at the inner corner of my eye, run it over the top of my cheekbones (connecting it in a “V” on the outer eye to the highlight under my brow), run a bit down my nose, and lastly, I dust some over my cupid’s bow to make my lips look even larger.  I make sure to really blend on my cheekbones or it looks like a line of shimmer.  I swirl my brush in circles to blend it just right.  I feel like it gives me the perfect amount of highlight, but I love to highlight, so you may not be comfortable using the same amount I do.

Moving on from highlighting, I curl my eyelashes, pumping the curler a bit on the roots to give them a lot of lift, and to really open my eyes.  If I need to, I’ll use my fingers to adjust strange clumps my lashes like to form since they’ve grown so long.  I then apply a coat or two of mascara, wiggling the brush from side to side at the base of my lashes to build volume, and then sweeping it outwards for length.  My favorite is Rimmel Glam Eyes (in the gold tube).  I apply a TINY bit to my bottom lashes, then go back and add a bit more to the outside of the top lashes for the “cat eyed” look.

From the eyes, I move down to the lips.  I usually put a coat of lip balm on before I start my makeup, and then a second coat when I’ve finished (because the first layer is absorbed).  Most days, I finish my makeup off with a simple clear gloss (I’m in love with Old Navy’s French Vanilla Mint lip balm, which is really glossy and not sticky at all.  It also smells like peppermint ice cream, and tastes good, too!  Another good option are the lip shines from Bath and Body Works; I have Ripe Blackberry.  They aren’t sticky and last a long time without leaving residue.), but on the days I want to make an impression, I add lipstick, and then gloss over top.  The lipstick I end up using is Covergirl Raspberry Shine (which I’ve raved about on multiple occasions), a sheer berry color.  But because the eyes are so simple, I would also use Revlon’s Fuchsia, or MAC’s Impassioned.  Both are bright and fun and look good with a basically bare eye.

I let my hair down, comb through it, sometimes rub a little oil in it (mostly I save this for nighttime), and either leave it down to dry into slightly frizzy waves, or I clip it back up and let it down when I go to sleep.

So that’s my routine.  Pretty basic, easy to do, and really quick.  It looks perfectly polished either for work, class, or wandering around town (though I wouldn’t wear the bright lips for work or class).  The eyes are defined just enough, and the skin looks awesome and dewy thanks to some liberal highlighting.  It’s a perfect base to build off of, too.  You can just darken up your outer eye and still look put together.  What’s your daily routine?  Do you have something that you do every day?


A Few Things

I’ve been really bad with blogging the past week or so, and seriously, I always feel really guilty when I realized that I haven’t posted something that day.  But I feel even more guilty when I post crap that’s so boring to read.  So, I’m going to give you a few updates and some things I’ve been doing lately.

I want to thank everyone for their concern with my rough nanny experience, and assure everyone that I am completely fine right now.  I’ve been sleeping on Krista’s couch, and next Monday, I’ll be moving into my dorm room about a month early.  I’ve talked to the college, and they were agreeable enough to allow me to move in earlier than most people are allowed (unless, of course, you’re in sports or an RA, which I’m not).  This is the reason I haven’t had much to blog.  Krista and I stay up really late (about 5 am) and sleep all day (until about 2 pm) and repeat that almost every night.

I have no idea what this nail polish is.  I’ve tried looking it up, but I can’t find anything that it really resembles in swatches on OPI’s website.  So, if you know what it is, be sure to let me know because it’s frustrating me like crazy to not know the color.  (By the way, it’s a mini bottle and it’s ridiculous how much I love it; it’s soo so cute!)

This is two coats, but it’s still pretty see through.  I really like the color, and would buy the full size version, but again, I have no idea what it’s called. (Edit: I think I’ve figured out the color, with the help of an expert cosmetologist from Arizona :D, and it seems to be “Not Like The Movies” from the Katy Perry collection.)

This is the most exciting thing that I’ve tried lately, and to those not interested in make-up, feel free to skip this.  I watched a tutorial on this look (and though I used it as inspiration, I sort of made it my own with blending and color placement), and knew that I had to try it.  I was alone tonight while Krista was at work and everyone else was gone to a baseball game, and figured that I might as well do it to see if I liked it.

I love it.  It’s really hard to see how beautiful it is in the pictures, because the colors don’t show up nearly as bright, but trust me when I say that it’s GORGEOUS.  It’s my new favorite make-up look, even if it is a LITTLE bit bright for everyday.

Don’t mind me peeling EVERYWHERE.  I got burnt so bad in San Diego; my chest, my back, my scalp, and my legs (which will probably scar, they got burnt so badly).  It’s gross but satisfying to peel huge pieces off of my skin.

So, do you love it as much as I do?

Beach Blue: A Tutorial

I wore this to the mall the other day, and when I posted a picture of it on Facebook, I had people asking me how to get the look, so I figured I would show everyone how to do it!  It’s a perfect, super easy look for the summer time, and it takes no time at all…so you can be on your way out the door to be in the weather!

First step: Concealer (this could be foundation for you, but I don’t wear it).  I dab the concealer (Neutrogena 3-in-1) on all mini breakouts, around my nose, under my eyes and on my eyelids.  I don’t need a base (but sometimes I use Mary Kay eyesicles in Vanilla for extra shimmer), because the concealer does the job.  Blend with fingers.

Second step: More Concealer.  Because I like my face to be brightened, I use a concealer that’s a shade too light under my eyes to brighten up that area.

Third step: Eye shadow.  I used Mary Kay eyeshadow in “Moonstone” all over the lid, all the way up to the brow.  I love this shadow.  I think every girl should have that perfect champagne color in their bag!

Fourth step: Highlight.  I use a white shadow from an L.A. Colors palette to highlight my brow (right under the arch) with a Real Techniques brush.

Fifth step: Line.  Instead of using a pencil eyeliner, I prefer to use a colored eyeshadow to make it more light and playful.  This is the blue (I’ve also used the green and purple; all three colors are pretty) in the same L.A. Colors palette that I got the white from.  I use an angled brush (Real Techniques) to put it all across my lash line and halfway across the bottom.

(Fifth and a half step: Blend.  You don’t have to do this, but the line will be incredibly bright.  Using the same brush I used to apply the base color “moonstone”, I blended the color out, mostly on the bottom to spread it out, and on the top, I blended upwards.)

Sixth step: Curl.  Curl your lashes (easy enough, right?).

Seventh step: Line.  Use a black eyeliner to tight-line.  Tight-lining is lining your upper waterline.  I do it because it makes your lashes look a whole lot thicker.  Closing the eyes just slightly helps me a lot.  (Curling beforehand also makes it easier to tight-line.)

Eighth step: Mascara.  Apply a hearty dose of mascara (I’m one of the girls who think that there’s no such thing as too much!).  For a more dramatic look, I apply a coat, wait, apply another, wait, and then apply one more.  For simple daytime lashes, I usually just apply a heavy first coat and then a little extra to the tips.  I put the wand at the base of the lashes and wiggle, then sweep outwards to build volume.

Ninth step: Powder.  Powder with a translucent powder to keep the shine down (my forehead and the hollows underneath my eyes are the worst in this humid heat), and keep the concealer (and foundation, if you wear it) on your face.

Tenth step: More highlighting.  Using the same champagne eyeshadow, I love to highlight my face to make it dewy and glowy.  This step is obviously optional.  I use a larger eye brush (which is perfect for this step) and run “Moonstone” on the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose, across my chin, and on my Cupid’s Bow (this step makes your lips look fuller).

Eleventh step: Lipstick.  Again, this step is optional as well, but I’ve been playing a lot with lipsticks and love to kick my looks up a notch with a well chosen color.  My everyday color is a light berry toned lipstick (which is amazingly moisture-rich).

But…if you’re more adventurous, I would try a bright!  I got this Revlon lipstick in “Fuchsia” because (acid) brights are really in for this summer.  This color is a good match to the not-so-played up eyes and gives your lips a nice punch of color.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and be sure to let me know if you want me to continue doing this!  If you try it out, let me see how it went for you :)

What I’ve Been Wearing…

To work and to my high school practicum (pretty much student teaching).  It’s super fast, super easy, and I get compliments on it all the time.  This is how I do it:

(I’m sorry for the sucky blog updating I’ve been doing.  I have so much going on right now that it’s hard to put everything in perspective.  I’ll be back soon…updating you on what I have been doing this entire time.)

((One thing I HAVE been doing a lot of is reading!  I finished “Eldest” this morning, and also started “Brisingr”.  I’m about 150 pages in and I’m going to read some more when I head to bed.  My list of books read this year is growing by the day…I love it!))

(((I also picked up another book while at the library, called “Adam & Eve“.  The back of the book was so exciting, and I couldn’t resist.  I’m hurrying through “Brisingr” so I can start it sooner!)))

To Catch Up..

So let’s start with Halloween.

You saw some of it, but here’s more.  We trick or treated for about an hour, but all of the neighborhoods were empty (which was weird because it was still pretty early when we went out).

On the day before my birthday (the day after Halloween), Kyle’s mom ended up getting me some clothes for my job interview (more about that later), and a gift card to downtown.  I made homemade vegetable soup like I used to  make at home, and Kyle’s brother made cheesecake.  The cheesecake was supposed to be chilled for 5 hours.  We didn’t want to wait until 2 am to eat it, so we had some slightly runny cheesecake; either way it was good.  Kyle’s youngest brother Scott drew me a picture (of a hyena!), that I hung right next to my bed.

The next day, which was my actual birthday, I dissected a pig fetus at 10 a.m. for Biology, and at 2.30 went to a job interview. (Yes, I showered in between.  I smelled awful.)

I got the job!

I also got some nail polishes and mascaras with my gift card from Ulta.

A couple of days later, I tried my hand at covering my tattoo, because my job requires that no tattoos are visible (and you know that I have one on each wrist).

Then on Friday, Kyle and I went to dinner with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend.  I got a book, and a set of travel MAC brushes.  (And I tried deep dish pizza, which I’m not really that fond of.)

I got this super soft blanket (among other things, I’m too tired to put everything back together to photograph) from my aunt Stacia.

Then, with the gift card, I got this from Barnes and Noble:

Christmas presents probably. :)

Then before my birthday week even started, I forgot to mention that Kyle bought me another book, one that I had been wanting to read for so long, but never had time to pick it up from the Hulett library.  It’s “The Rose Labyrinth“.  It was on the bargain table for $5.95, and he told me I could pick out any book for under $10.  It’s hardcover and I can’t wait to read it!

And then yesterday, Kyle took me to the mall to find some black pants for my job (I did get pants from Annette but they have gray in them, and I can only wear flat black.).  I got a pencil skirt, and some black pants (and tights, because I can’t have bare legs).  We stopped at Target and picked up some food, and I also picked up some more of the best face wipes ever (which was good, because when we got back, I used the last one from my first pack).

Now, I have reading to do, a paper to do, and I have a test (which is tomorrow) to study for.

Also, don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  It ends in 8 days, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on free jewelry for the holidays! I pick the winner on Monday the 15th at 11 am Chicago time (so if you get in before that, while I’m in class, you still count).

Youtube (and Ebay) Obsessed

So for the past couple of days, the reason I haven’t been blogging is because I’ve been watching YouTube videos.  This channel in particular.  I’m not sure why, because I’ve never really been that interested in make-up, but the video tutorials on how to do certain looks really fascinate me.  Not only that, but the girl (Jenny Shoop) is so adorably awkward sometimes, and it makes me laugh.

Because of her “Pigments!” video, I signed up on Ebay, and I’ve been searching for deals.  I actually got the same set that she uses (and spills!) in the video.  Also, I bid on several sets of brushes before I learned that once you bid, if you win, you have to buy.  It’s not like each set was a hundred dollars, but they aren’t crap either.  So I may end up with a bunch of makeup brushes, if so, that may turn into a stash for giveaways…

Does anyone have other giveaway ideas?  I’ve always wanted to do one…

P.S.  If you have a YouTube account, you should subscribe to her channel.  When she gets to 500 subscribers, she’s giving away MORE stuff!  The first giveaway, she gave out so much makeup it was insane.


*Edited to add:  Kyle is taking me to Brookfield Zoo tomorrow, and even though there aren’t any hyenas there, I’m super excited!  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures (polar bear pictures for my brother :) ), and I’ll show you how my day goes :)