Just a quick update on my plants.  The other day, I mentioned that I was thinking about names for my plants.  Someone on Facebook suggested Chammy, and that stuck.  But finding a name for the rose was a little bit harder.  After some extensive research, I’ve finally decided on a name.

Rosine (pronounced ROW-see-NAY) is latin (go figure, since I’m taking latin this year) and it means “little rose”.  I think it’s the most perfect name out there for a miniature rose, don’t you?


New Home

I don’t have anything for you…yet.  I go to the dentist today (for the first time in oh, about 12 years), and I’m kind of turning into a nervous train wreck.

But, I did replant my rose last night (the pot was leaking), and I decided that my baby chamomile needed a new home as well (from now on, if you read “Chammy”, you’ll know that I’m talking about my chamomile.  I decided that if it knew how much I loved it, it would grow better.  I’m in the market for a name for the rose as well).

I think they like the new places…

And that makes me a very happy girl.

A Weekend Well Spent

As promised, here’s the picture heavy post.

On Friday, we went to Kyle’s house.  From there, we went out grocery shopping (for taco salad…yum!), and book shopping (a Borders here is closing and having huge sales).  I got a book: (for $4.80!)

The next morning, we all got up bright and early (7 a.m.) to go to Kyle’s grandparents’ house.  While there, I worked on my hat:

and met puppies:

We all had cake, ate a lot, and came back home.  I checked on my plants:

And planted more:

(spearmint in the pink, chamomile in the flowered)

This morning, after I got done with classes, I picked up the mail.  I got these:

(Atomic, Tahiti Sunrise, Palm Tree, Nuclear Energy. Lip balm in Bubblegum was a free gift.)

And these: (from John)

(“Bucking Bull with Rope”)

(“Duke and the Cats”)

(“Aunt Casse”)

It was really quiet walking back from class because I was the only one walking on the road.  The trees, which were covered in the rain from last night, froze, leaving tiny drops of ice on the branches.

When they fell, they made a tinkling sound as they hit the pavement.


I can’t even describe how happy I am for this week to finally be over!  Ever since the days missed because of the snow storm, school has gone by extremely slow.  And it doesn’t help that I just want to go home (96 days until I get to), and I want the summer to be here already.

A project that I can’t wait to start, though, is this; one I found on Bonzai Aphrodite.  You all know how much I love plants and growing things, and this makes me so excited!

Now, taking a cue from Bonzai Aphrodite, my love list (which is a list of 3 things that I loved this week) :

  1. Getting my paper done with barely an hour to spare.
  2. Finally finishing “The Mammoth Hunters“.
  3. My rose being completely new growth (well, almost.  I’m slowly pruning the old stuff off)!  Here’s a picture for you:

Now, you tell me your love list! :)

Hey, Can You Hear Me?

I just got back from Mythology, where some weird stuff was going on.

It was quiz day and everyone was concentrating on the paper in front of them.

All of a sudden, we hear a ghostly, disembodied voice whisper, “Hey, can you hear me?”  Everyone looks around to find the culprit, but the voice came from behind the teacher.  He looks at the corner behind him and exclaims, “What the hell?!”

Everyone laughs as he knocks on the board and says, “Hello?”

The voice is pretty much forgotten as we start going over the test.  After the test, we get into lecture, and at the same time the computer freezes, the voice demands, in a scarier voice, “Can you hear me?!”

Definitely not looking forward to going to that classroom on Monday.

P.S. I have all weekend to (start) and finish my books, and finish up Kim’s hat.

*Edited to Add:

New growth!  I thought for sure that my rose had died and was just in the process of decaying, but upon further inspection, I found some tender new leaves!

Now it just needs a bigger pot with better drainage.


Class has been going well for me; I’m enjoying all four of them, and I’m happy to say that I got into the one I was trying hard to be in (which is Physical Anthropology).

I had a funny thing happen to me yesterday.  I woke up early, did my questions, and then headed off to check the mail to see if my books had come in.  When I got there (it was about 11:15 at this point), there was nothing in my box, so I left, intending to go to Ted’s to check my schedule, and then come back to the mail room because deliveries are usually made at noon.

When I got to Ted’s, I headed back to the board where everything is posted, and looked for my name.  Under “Tuesday, January 4th” it said: “Server Assistant: 11:30-2:00”.  I was supposed to be at work right then (it was about 11:25).  I went looking for the manager, and told him that I didn’t know I had work, and I was going to run back to my dorm and put on my work clothes, then come back.

I made it back at about 11:40, and after I finished seating the guests that were waiting, doing an open menu count, and collecting menus, I went back to get a drink of water because I was dying of thirst.  The first thing I did was spill it all down my front.

After all that, the rest of the day was pretty slow.  When I got off work, Kyle and I checked my mail (my books had come in), and then ate.  At 4, I left for the class I was wait-listed on (Physical Anthropology) and waited nervously for the teacher to tell me that I was in.  That class was let out early, and I headed to dinner, with just enough time left to grab my bag and walk to my next class (at 6:30 p.m.).

At the end of the day, I was beyond exhausted.  Kyle and I did some latin homework, and then I went to bed.

Only to find that my sleep schedule for all of break (get to bed at about 12 and wake up at 8ish) prevented me from going to sleep right away.  So I dug under my bed in my book box.  The box holds all of the books I’ve acquired since I’ve moved here (and two I brought from home), and I’ve read none of them.  (I also just ordered some books from Barnes and Noble, but I’ve read two of the four I ordered.  I just wanted to own them.)

I grabbed “Fair is the Rose“, a story set in Scotland, and settled in to read it.  I was immediately immersed in the story, and ended up not going to bed until about 1.

Tonight, I’m going to try a lot harder to get to bed early.

I have another goal for this year: I want to finish reading all of the books I bought that are in the book box.  Another goal for January and February: Start (and finish) “The Clan of the Cave Bear” series before I get the new one shipped to me.

Well, I’m off to do class reading for Mythology, and then go to class.  The rest of the day is going to be spent taking money to the bank, making a few payments, going to the candy store (Kyle told me that it was time to go there), maybe going to the library, and hopefully reading and going to bed early.

A pretty picture of the book I’m reading, and my plants (one of which, the rose in the bowl, is not doing so good).

(P.S. I just noticed the flowers in the picture…along with the book of the same name. “Fair is the Rose” sitting by roses.)

Pretty Potted Plants

A few days ago, I was super excited when Kyle took me to a craft store to look for glass containers to hold my terrariums that I had been building in my mind.  I got 2 glass jars that are super cute, and some pebbles to put in.

Today, we went back out to get the rest of the stuff that I needed; plants, gravel and charcoal.

Turns out I got the wrong kind of plants.  I went in with a list of plants that are perfect for terrariums and we couldn’t find them anywhere.  So I ended up getting mini roses and a little pink spotted plant that was identified simply as “Tropical Foliage” (now I know that it’s called a “Polka Dot Plant“.  I figured that if it was tropical, it would love the humidity of a terrarium.  Both plants are too big to fit into my little glass jars, and both plants grow to be about 2 feet tall.  My glass jars are only about 6 inches tall and just begin to fit the roots of both plants.

But, even though my terrariums aren’t officially “terrariums”, I’m still happy with them.  The roses smell divine, and the little polka dot plant is adorable.  The point of making them was to have something living in my room that I could take care of because pets aren’t allowed, and I do have something to take care of.

The polka dot plant only likes to be watered with warm water, and both plants need to be watered with rainwater or tap water that has been left to sit for 24 hours.

I wonder if plants are allowed in the dorms?