Cut Me Some Slack

If I could eliminate one thing from our society, I would get rid of money.  Yes, this is going to be “one of those” blog posts, where I complain about money.  But don’t you think our society would be much better off without the dependence on money, and debt and credit?  Why not go back to a barter society?  One where you need to have an actual skill to get food or clothing or that pair of super cute running shoes that would look adorable on me.  I, for one, wouldn’t mind going into a restaurant and eating a nice meal, and then cleaning my table, my plate and sweeping, instead of handing over the plastic (or paper, when I have it).

And another gripe: why are jobs so hard to get these days?  Yes, I understand that you want someone with experience but HOW DO I GAIN EXPERIENCE IF NO ONE WILL HIRE ME SO I CAN GAIN THE EXPERIENCE YOU CRAVE?  Why is it so hard to understand that I NEED a job, and I will work hard if you hire me?  If I’m applying at your store (making the effort to go out into the hot sun and ask for an application), why would you think I wouldn’t work equally hard if you hired me?

I could go on and on about this topic, but really, complaining isn’t really going to get me anywhere.  I know that I need to get out and keep applying, but I’ve hit a wall.  I’ve applied at the places that are hiring, and I’ve yet to hear back from most of them.  The place that I wanted to work at the most (which I didn’t fully realize until I messed up) is probably not going to hire me, because after filling out 5 applications, theirs was at the bottom of the pile, and my answers were not great.  (“Gain retail experience” is not a great answer to “Why do you want to work here?”.  “Your clothing is the clothing I picture myself in as an Anthropologist” is a much better answer, and if my hand would not have been a claw at that point, that’s what I would have written.  Please ignore that lapse in judgment and interview me so I can prove how much I want to work there!)

All the places I applied to want experience, and though I have some, apparently, it’s not enough for them.  I can’t apply anywhere too far away because I don’t have a way to get there.  At this point, when I’m unable to buy food for myself, (seriously, after today, I’ll be out of the food I had; a lapse of planning on my part when I DID have money) a car would be an unwelcome expense.

Wait!  I could donate my plasma and make so much money!  No one really does that, and because of that reason, the people who do donate (sell, actually) get paid even more!  But wait.  You have to be 110 pounds.  I’m hovering at 106.  Foiled again.

I could cut back; get rid of my cell phone and save money that way.  But I’m 1000 plus miles from home and need a way to stay in contact with my family, who don’t know how to use a computer.  (I’ve also called Verizon and told them my situation, and they cut me some slack: good customer service.)

It’s so frustrating to realize how badly you need money and have no way to obtain it.  Why was I not born into a family that has never had money problems?  Why was I born in a century that is so dependent on money?

Naperville.  Please cut me some slack.  Throw me a bone, here.  (I may have to suck the marrow out of it to survive.)


Chegg vs. Bookrenter

Yesterday, I was checking out my schedule for winter term (my college has three trimesters instead of semesters.  We study the same amount as in a semester, but with trimesters, we don’t have as many classes per term, and can take more classes during the year.) and with my schedule, the books that came along with each class.

Winter term is my fullest term with 12 credits (that’s the max amount you can take without paying extra for an “overload”).  My classes are Latin 102, Archaeology, Classical Mythology and Physical Anthropology (I’m on the wait-list for this one, but I still have to buy books and show up to class).  I’m so excited because all of the classes study what I love, and I get a double dose of my two favorite professors; Dr. Fontana with my Archaeology/Physical Anthro and Dr. DeBrauw with Latin and Mythology.  I have two teachers for all term, which is awesome.

Now, the thing that’s not awesome is the price of these books.

I already have the Latin book because I knew I needed it for all the other latin classes, so I just bought it.  But I also need a few others.  All the other books I rented.  Here’s a rundown of the books I need, and the dent they’ll make in my bank account:

Archaeology: “Images of the Past” – $122.25 (Buying new is the only option from the bookstore)

Classical Mythology: “Classical Myth” – $72.25 (Used)

Physical Anthropology: “Intro to Physical Anthropology” – $102.75 (Used)

Latin 102: “Auricula Meretricula” – $9.75 (Used) and “Scribblers, Sculptors, & Scribes” – $17.99 (New)

So, if I bought (because with these books, there is no option to rent) everything from the bookstore, my grand total for this term would be $324.99.

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I don’t have anywhere NEAR that kind of money.  But this last term, I didn’t get everything from the bookstore.  I think I ended up renting two books from there because the price online wasn’t any cheaper and if I ordered from the bookstore, I didn’t pay shipping.  I mostly got my books from Chegg.  I found out about this site through Facebook, and went to see how much cheaper books were from there.  Turns out they’re A LOT cheaper.  And Chegg plants a tree for every book you order.  No shipping costs, and they’re free to ship back as well.  Let’s look at a rundown of renting (so I won’t have a bunch of books lying around) my books from there:

Archaeology: “Images of the Past” – $51.49 (rent)

Classical Mythology: “Classical Myth” – $40.49 (rent)

Physical Anthropology: “Intro to Physical Anthropology” – $49.49 (rent)

Latin 102: “Auricula Meretricula” – $12.80 (Buy new, $12.95 new at bookstore) and “Scribblers, Sculptors, & Scribes” – $15.79 (Buy new)

Total for renting/buying books from Chegg: $170.06. (I don’t have that kind of money in my bank account, either, but after my next paycheck I will.)  I save $154.93 just switching places.  Because I have so long to get the books, I might order from other places too.  I’m not done shopping around, but I thought I would bring it to your attention that Chegg is better at saving you money.

*Edited to add:

I found another rental place online: Bookrenter that’s even cheaper to rent books.  In most cases, to rent a book is about $5 cheaper than chegg.  Free shipping both ways (same as chegg), and instead of planting trees (which I love because books are trees), Bookrenter makes a book donation to First Book (which gives books to kids).  In some cases, my rental is $10 cheaper.  I’m doing further research, but I think I may have found my rental place.

Check Bookrenter out :) (Use this link and get 5% off your rental…It’s worth it.)

My To-Do List

I haven’t been so good at blogging lately, and for that, I’m sorry.  I’m always finding something that I would rather do, and I don’t get around to blogging all that often.

Right now, Kyle is going to a doctor’s appointment to get shots, and today is my last day in Naperville.  I should be packing while he’s gone, but I can’t make myself do it right now.  There’s so many things I told myself, before coming to Naperville, I would do, such as getting a loan for the last $4000 of tuition, opening a bank account, and getting my phone switched over, but so far, none of these things have happened.  It’s frustrating, because I’m running out of time to do everything, and if I don’t get a loan, I’m not going to be able to go to college.  I need to figure out what I want to leave here, such as clothes, shoes, etc, so I can have more room for stuff I still need to bring, but I feel strange leaving things here, kind of like I shouldn’t be doing it.  But I guess I should get over that and get my stuff together.

There are other things I need to do at home, as well, and I hope I have the time to get everything done.  I need to take Salem to the shelter, pack everything that I’m not taking, and put it in storage, get my car stuff figured out, clean my room, see about possibly getting a loan from the Hulett bank, and closing my bank account and taking out the money to start an account in Naperville.  I also have to pay my cell phone bill, exchange all of my change for cash, and order checks for a new account (which sucks, because I still have several boxes of unused checks for my Hulett account).

I didn’t sleep so well last night, and this morning I’m sore.  Yesterday, I went to yoga with Kyle’s mom.  I was excited to go, because I figured, hey, it’s yoga, it can’t be that hard.  But when we got started, I was shocked at how hard it actually is.  It’s hard for me, as a beginning, to hold poses, but I didn’t really have trouble getting into them.  It was fun, and relaxing, and I’m glad I went.  Even though I’m sore today, I want to go again, because it was such a peaceful environment, with soft music and low lighting.  The instructor was fun, and she only corrected me three times.

Last night, Kyle and I watched “The Girl Next Door” on Netflix.  From the comments, we expected it to be pretty disturbing, but apparently, we aren’t shocked by the same things other people are.  It’s loosely based on the story of Sylvia Likens, and her murder.  It was a little bit chilling, and some parts shocked the hell out of me.  There’s another film (“An American Crime“) that is closer to the actual story, and now I really want to watch that.

I’m off to eat some breakfast, and get my things together.  Wish me luck.

The Job Search Continues and a Girl Has to Give Her Dog Away…

I got one other job offer yesterday, an offer to clean a little chapel for church retreats for $10/ hour.  I took the job.  So that’s on Wednesday.

Today I’m designing yet another ad.  But this one is for my dog.  I have to give him away before I move, because the rest of the family doesn’t want him, and I can’t take him with.  I would if I could, but dorms don’t allow dogs, especially ones who eat (DIGEST) anything they can get in their mouth.  I’m already getting a little emotional, even though I expected this day to come.

It’s a sad day indeed when a girl has to give up her puppy.  (Especially since today is the first day of summer.)

The Job Search Begins…

In lieu of the Silent Saturday post (and because I was working all day yesterday and didn’t get home until late), here is the first post in a series, updating you on the status of my COLLEGE FUND!

As of now, I have $0 in savings, because I’ve used all that I made last summer paying bills, and paying off my car. (Which I will finish paying off in July, FTW!)  Well, before I start college, I have approximately $1300 due for the first trimester’s tuition.  And I have, oh, about 84 days to get that money (and possibly save up more so I don’t have such a hard time paying the other parts of tuition either).

I have no day job, and yesterday, Beth suggested that I put up flyers for something I’m good at.  BABYSITTING!  I’m really good with kids, I’ve had experience with children of all ages (from birth on up), and I do like to hang out with kids.

I’m working on a flyer now to put up around in Hulett, and hopefully, I’ll get some jobs.
Cross you fingers for me, will you?

**Edited to Add:

While out hanging the flyers, I got one positive comment (“I’ll definitely be calling you.”).

I hope the trend lasts.