Open Letter

Dear guy in Mythology class

You might not think it’s weird, but saying that dogs taste really good is not normal, it’s actually really strange.  The “ew”s and groans when you said that were pretty much indicative of the fact that you are an outcast in this class.  People in America do not eat dogs.  We love our dogs and talking about eating them makes enemies.  Chinese people may eat dogs, but we do not.  (Repeat this mantra to yourself.)

I know you were in China for a month, but c’mon, you were raised in America, you should know these things.  I would think that you said that for the shock value, but I saw the look in your eyes when you said, “they taste reeeallyy good.”  You actually like the taste of dogs.  But even the statement, “I don’t like dogs to begin with”, didn’t help your case any.  Some people don’t like cats (I do like them), but that doesn’t mean they think about eating them.

Be less weird, dude.  Also, stop dropping your bag (which happens to be chock full of books about Chinese), on my feet.

Sincerely, Cassandra


Until I get my new book!


Not happening like I expected…

You may recall, in my last post, I was super excited for the start of the beret from hell to be on my circulars, because after I get it on them, it will, and I quote, “just magically appear, just like the last one did.”
It’s not magically appearing. It’s not even showing the hard work that I do everyday! It’s the DK’s fault. I’m getting frustrated because it’s taking so long to knit up, and because the pattern is just sooo repetitive! I’m about to the point of setting it on fire tossing it in the fire.

This is about where it is, as of now. My circulars are too long, so its really, really stretched.
I think I’m going to run out of yarn before it’s done, even though I’m making it less slouchy.

But, I did start on my sister’s Christmas gift, a hand-knit scarf, with Knit Picks Crayon Boucle in Whisker. Go check it out if you want on the website (, I’m too lazy to hyperlink right now.
I’m also too lazy to take a picture and upload it, so you can see the progress on the scarf. The yarn is very soft, but really (really, really) lightweight. It’s a DK weight when the pattern calls for Worsted or Aran weight. But she picked the yarn. She said she loved the color and the feel of it, so I used it.

I should probably go and shower, and get ready for the day, as I am heading up to work at about 1.30.
But first, a very short (and very open) letter.

* * * * *

Dear Knit Picks City Tweed DK,

When I saw you online, I about burst into tears at the beauty of your colors. Desert Sage was IS the most beautiful combination ever conceived! And when you arrived at my door, I was so happy just to sit and stroke you, so soft were you. You dazzled me, sir.

But now, I have lost the starry look in my eyes, and I see you for what you truly are. You are thin and limp, and you had better straighten it up, mister. I’m about ready to throw you in the dumpster. I know, I know, your previous owner home didn’t threaten you like this, but I want this hat to be done, dang it. Sooner rather than later! You either need to plump up, or hit the road, Jack.

Don’t worry, I still love you. Your colors still dazzle me.


P.S. Sorry about the public humiliation, guy, but maybe this way, you’ll get to work.