Another Girly Post

I’ve written about this before (and here too), and I’ve tried everything to make myself feel better.

It so happens that today, when I’m feeling the worst, I have to go to work.  So, it’s poll time:

If you choose one of the “other” choices, comment and tell you what you suggest.  All help is much appreciated.  (Also, sorry about the period posts.)



This morning, when I woke up, I was feeling like crap, but I made myself get up and go shower.  When I got in the shower, I realized that I would not be able to get anything done in class, so I came back to the room, dried my dripping hair, and climbed back into bed, after texting Kyle and telling him that I wasn’t going to class.

Fast forward a few hours (after The Neverending Story on Netflix), Kyle was out of class, and he came to my room.  He decided that I was feeling better and told me to get dressed and eat lunch with him.  After a few minutes of cuddle time, I got up, and put some clothes on.  We went to the dining hall and had some lunch.

After that, we went to get the mail, because I was expecting my birth control.  I looked in my mailbox and saw the manila envelope in there.  I grabbed it, and noticed a yellow slip (that means I have a package that won’t fit in the box).  I pulled that out, and went up to the counter.

They gave me a huge box that weighed about 20 pounds.  When I slid it towards me, I almost dropped it on the floor when I realized that it was so heavy.  I figured it was from Astrid, because she said that she was sending something.  I looked down at the address, and it was not Astrid.

It was Stacia!

When I told Kyle who it was from, he looked at me funny, and joked, “It’s probably a law-book so you know what to expect when she sues you because you can’t pay the loan.”  (Haha.)  He carried the package back to the dorm, and I had to stop him from opening it.

When I opened it, I kept pulling bags of candy, dried fruit (which I LOVE), popcorn, pop tarts, clothes, and magazines out.  THERE WAS EVERYTHING.

And on the card?  There was a red maple tree.

You succeeded, Stacia.  You get a thousand million points for your efforts.  It not only cheered me up and made me feel important, it also made me feel better (with the period situation), and replenished my snack drawer. :)  You win!


WARNING: This post is about periods.  If you are uncomfortable with such things, go back to stalking people on Facebook, or whatever you do for fun.  Although it won’t be graphic, I will be talking about the female menstruation process.

I knew my day was going to be a train wreck when I felt the familiar, and dreaded, pains in my lower abdomen.  I watched “Grey’s Anatomy”, I ate constantly, and I pressed fingers into my gut, all to no avail.  Every few minutes, like clockwork (like contractions), my body gets really hot, it tenses, and I feel rolling cramps in my gut.  They don’t let up for about 30 seconds; 30 seconds of hell.  When they finally leave, my body is flooded with coolness, and I relax, only to dread the next oncoming round.  Each cramp is like a tightening clamp on my insides, letting up only to squeeze tighter and tighter.  And did I mention the headaches and nausea once the rolling cramps recede?

I’ve tried bananas, I’ve tried calcium, I’ve tried drinking tea.  Nothing makes it better.  The first day always sucks so bad, leaving me wanting to cuddle up in my bed and cry for my mommy (except my mommy is missing, and I have to do this whole growing-up thing alone).  Online research gets me nowhere.

Am I the only one wishing for childhood again?  The blissful innocence of make-believe worlds, and pains that kisses can heal?