Merry Christmas…

To everyone who celebrates!  I hope you all got what you wished for!  And plenty of snow (if you wanted it).  And a quick Christmas memory; I give you Christmas 1992…

Everyone have a safe Christmas and a lovely New Years!


Tattoo Experience #1

My dad was always one of those parents that gave me free reign because he trusted me and my decisions, but he never would let me pierce anything but my ears, and absolutely NO tattoos until I turned 18 and could get them by myself.  The moment I turned 16, I knew what I wanted; a nautical star on my right wrist, a tad bit off center.  I had several ideas about other things that I wanted, but I changed my mind after waiting for months.  But the star was always there in the back of my head.

In Spanish one day, I was drawing a nautical star, and I ended up making it a bit more girly, with tips that curved around instead of going straight up.  That was my star.  I stuck it in a picture frame, and it hung on my wall above my head while I slept.

Fast forward a few years, and it was November 2.  I had done my research, found my artist, and after school, I gathered my friends and we went to the shop.  I was shaking almost the entire time.  I hate shots, and I hate needles.  Just the thought of getting stabbed hundreds of times made me feel sick to my stomach.  I was excited, but I was also endlessly terrified.  When we pulled up in front of the shop, the lights were off.  The hours were listed on the door.  They were closed on Mondays.  I was crying almost instantly.  I wanted my tattoo that night; I had told everyone at school that I was getting a tattoo, and I would look like an idiot if I went to school the next day without one.  I called shops all over the place, but all were closed.  I had to go back home.  I literally cried myself to sleep, and wanted to skip school the next day.

I ended up going to school, and no one even said anything about the tattoo, or the lack thereof.  The friends that had gone with me the night before weren’t able to go this time, so I took my brother and another friend.  The shop was open.

I was terrified and almost didn’t go in.

We walked in, and A.J., my artist, bid me to sit down.  I almost started crying, and I stood back up and about left.  I kept saying, “I was wrong, I don’t want a tattoo.”  Finally, my friend stood behind me and told me to sit down, shut up and get the damn tattoo (in much more colorful words).

He got his tattooing machine out, and when he turned it on, I almost jumped out of my skin.

I was expecting this horrible pain, horrible enough to sob and pull my arm away, but it wasn’t nearly that bad.  It hurt, but it was bearable.  With all of my research, I knew that wrist tattoos hurt, but mine wasn’t that bad.  I’d read stories of people passing out from the pain, but if I had passed out, it would have been from the nerves leading up to the incident.

The whole thing took maybe 10-12 minutes (at the end of which I vowed to never get another tattoo), and with the $10 Tattoo Goo (which was a great investment), my total cost came to about $65.

As soon as I left the building and was driving away, I wanted another.

This is the tattoo that itched the most.  It drove me crazy with the itching.  When it flaked (as tattoos heal, they push ink out, and that turns into either a scab or flaky bits), I had to bite my other hand to keep from scratching at it.  But, even after that, I ended up scratching it, and when it was finally all healed (which took maybe a week, a week and a half), there were bits that were messy looking because I had scratched and pulled ink out.

After getting it touched up (will talk about this in the next post), it looked beautiful, and I knew better than to mess with it.  It’s as beautiful now as the day I got it (it’s the one that always draws people’s attention), and I will always be a little more attached to this one than the others because it was my first.

A Christmas Wishlist (Full of Things I Will Not Be Getting This Year)

My computer has been making some strange noises lately, and I’ve been in the market for a new computer.  I’m afraid that if I don’t get a new one soon, this one will crash and I’ll be left with no way to do homework (let alone Facebook, Twitter, blogging).  This laptop is perfect; it’s not too extreme for price, and it fits my needs perfectly.  I used Lenovos in high school (yearbook), and I know how well they run.  If I get any money for Christmas, I’m saving it up to buy this myself (along with a paycheck from work).

I’ve always craved a DSLR camera, and after being in Yearbook and being exposed to them (i.e. using them every single day), I yearned for one.  I love taking pictures (and no, not just of myself), and finding beauty in the ordinary.  I love this camera.  If I had $500 to spend right now, this is probably what I would get.

No, I lied.  I would get these.

They’re beautiful, edgy, fierce, sexy.  I could think of a million more words to express how these shoes look, and I still wouldn’t be able to describe them properly.  I drool when I see them, and I can’t help but go to the webpage every day to look at them and wish I had a pair.  I would wear them with skinny jeans and a tank top; with short shorts, tights and a black long sleeved shirt; with my lace dress and black tights.  I can think of so many outfits to work them into, and my heart skips a beat when I think of having my own pair.

Those are the three things at the top of my Christmas list, and I know I won’t be getting any of them.  But I will end up with them sometime in the future, even if I have to save 4 consecutive paychecks.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, filled with plenty of hot chocolate, and dreams of Christmas gifts!

An Update From Wyoming

It’s been weeks and weeks since I last posted, and every time I think of my lonely blog, sitting with no posts, I feel bad.  It’s not that I have nothing to post about, its just that I have no desire to sit and write anything.

I’m in Wyoming now; I’ll be here another week.  It’s snowing outside, and it makes me feel all sorts of cozy feelings.  The house is quiet, and I just want to sit by the window, read, drink some hot tea, and watch the snow fall.

Let me outline a few things that have happened since I last made an effort to keep up a blog.

1. I cut my hair.  It’s hideous.  I meant to cut an inch or so off, and then I went and messed it up so badly that 6 inches or so came off.  It’s just up to my shoulders, but I hate it.  The only time I wear it down is when I’m about to get in the shower, and directly after, when I haven’t put it back up.  I’m just waiting for it to get long again.

2. I traveled home.  Obviously, since I’m in Wyoming now.  It’s beautiful here; it’s taken me years away to realize just how pretty it actually is.  I’ve had a good trip so far; I’ve seen almost everyone I wanted to see, and I haven’t run into anyone I didn’t want to see.  My one regret was not stopping by the school before they went on break to visit with my old teachers.  But I got to spend a good chunk of time with Shelby and Brayden, and with my nephews (time that I hope to expand on).

3. I went to my very first wedding, and I didn’t even know the couple.  I went with Ryan and April (a couple I babysat for when I lived at home) to help with the kids, and ended up enjoying myself.  The 8 hour trip both ways with screaming/fighting/crying children?  Not so much.

The best part of the wedding?  The adorable hot chocolate ornaments!

4. I got three new tattoos.  I won’t show them in this post (if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you saw them the day I had them done), because I want to write a separate post about all of my tattoos; where I went, how long they took, the prices, how I took care of them, the pain factor, etc, because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my experience with tattooing.  Because it is such an important thing to me (I do have 7 tattoos now; I fancy myself sort of a tattoo guru), I want to devote some time to it to make it a good post.

5. I’ve fallen in love with the peace of Wyoming.  It makes me not want to go back to the classes and work and stresses of Naperville.  Surprise, surprise; I don’t want to go back to school still.  I won’t run this into the ground, because if you’ve read my blog before, you know how I feel about school; if not, then I’ll leave it at: I hate school.  I hate everything about it; staying in one place for 4 years, going to classes (some that I hate), worrying about money, needing to have a full-time job even with being a full-time student, and most of all, not having the freedom to do what I want when I want to do it.

So that’s pretty much all that’s been happening with me (along with other little tiny things that would take weeks to fill you in on), and I’m off to write a few posts so I actually have them done, just in case I’m not able to post the rest of my trip.  I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying the week leading up to Christmas.

I’ll leave you with this gratuitous picture of the winter landscape of Wyoming that I’m finding so beautiful right now.

Maybe (Random Monday)

1.) Ten (at least) chocolate rice crispy treats and a whole pizza was not the best thing to treat myself to last night.  Along with a melatonin taken at 1 am, that equaled me stumbling to the bathroom at 7 am to be sick.

2.) But don’t forget the trip at 8:30, too.

3.) The best thing about this morning was Kyle coming in after his class to cuddle with me, and falling asleep until 2-ish.

4.) The Apple Cinnamon instant oatmeal was good, too.

5.) I ran out of story to post for Novel November.

6.) Because I ran out of a boring class to sit in for two hours.

7.) I can’t find a happy temperature to sleep in; I’m either too hot or too cold.

8.) I hate how dry my hair is; nothing I put in it makes it less static-y.

9.) I love how it looks right now, though.

10.) I’m going to go read Brisingr.

11.) What a good book.

Le Love List

1. EcoTools Blush Brush.  I’ve never felt a brush that is so soft!  I picked this brush up at Ulta because I’ve been in a blush phase the past couple of months.  It’s soft and applies blush to my cheeks like a dream, but it also blends it out so it looks completely natural.

2. Dark Hair.  I loved my red hair, I really did.  But the cold weather was making me itchy and I needed a change.  Because I couldn’t change the room around again, I did the next best thing and colored my hair.  It’s a shade or so darker than my natural color, and the red before peeks through, giving a really pretty color.  I’ll do a post next week showing it.

3. The Inheritance Cycle.  I’ve loved these books since the first one came out.  Kyle got me the entire boxed set for my birthday, and I’ve been racing through them to FINALLY know what happens in the end!  I’ve become attached to the characters all over again, and I’m going to be so sad to see this entire story end, but I’ve been waiting for years.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a good weekend too.  Me?  I’m going to another Thanksgiving where I’ll gain another 10 pounds….

Tuesday Questions

It’s been a long time since I’ve had enough time to put together a questionnaire on Tuesday (the last one was on the 1st!), and because I have time this morning, I thought I would try to make a few so I can post next week, too.

1.) Mood: A little bit tired, a little bit happy, and a little bit worried.  I have a final today that I haven’t studied for at all.

2.) If you could offer a newborn child just one piece of advice for their life, what would it be?  Choose to be happy.  It sounds cliché, but instead of chasing after that boy (or girl), that high-paying job, that nice car; chase after happiness.  Because if you have that, it doesn’t matter what else you do or don’t have.

3.) What book are you reading right now?  Eldest by Christopher Paolini.  His newest book came out, and I didn’t know that I was going to be getting it for my birthday, so I didn’t read the others in advance.  I’m getting through them slowly but surely.

4.) Do you cover public toilets with toilet paper before you sit down?  No.  I’m the most un-germophobic person you’ll ever meet.  I pick chapstick up off the ground and use it, share straws/forks/gum/toothbrushes.  The one thing I can’t do though, is eat off of someone’s plate.  Not sure if it’s manners or what, but if they offer me a bite off their fork, I’ll take it, but if they say to scoop it up myself, I can’t.

5.) Have you ever had a hickey?  Before this year, I would have said no, but a month or so ago, I got the biggest, grossest hickey I’ve ever seen in my life.  It looked like a zombie attacked me.  You don’t believe me?

How about now.

6.) What’s something you do alone that you would never do around people?  I tend to pick at my face.  It’s such a bad habit, and I try not to do it around anyone, but I’m sure I’ve slipped and someone’s seen that gross-ness.

7.) What’s something you want right now?  $150 (or more) to spend at MAC.  Since picking up some things a few weeks ago, I’ve become obsessed.  That’s all I want for Christmas.  Money to spend at MAC.  (But, I also need a new computer; mine’s about to crash, and a DSLR camera.  I need both of those more than MAC, but you know, I’m hoping for all three sometime soon! Everything contained in one handy-dandy list right here!)

8.) Where are your feet right now?  They’re up on the chair with me.  They get lonely when I leave them on the floor for too long.

9.) Are you going anywhere next summer?  I think I have to work non-stop to save up enough money to live in Ghana for a year…so probably not.

10.) Weekly goals:  Get through finals, clean my room, and finish “Eldest” (and maybe “Brisingr”).