Link to PSH.

The first hat is complete!  I finished it while watching the first season of “The Tudors” I checked out from the library.

Who gets the pleasure of pulling on this incredibly soft hat everyday?  You’ll just have to wait and see!

Also, does anyone know what the heck these things are called?  They came with the set of interchangeable circular needles I got from a friend of a friend.  They connect to the end of the middle sized needles to make the cables fit into the actual needle.  They look like this:

I need some more of them because with only one pair of these things, I can only work on one project at a time, because the cables I need won’t fit into the needles.  The set is called “The Needlemaster” by Boye.  I’ve looked all over the place to find more to order, but without knowing what these things are called, I can’t search as far and wide as I hoped.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



This is the story of a little buffalo.  He was a happy buffalo, as long as he was played with, petted, and loved.  He was so used to being played with that he was devastated when one day, he was pushed aside.

He had no one to play with, no one to pet him and exclaim about his softness, and no one seemed to love him anymore.  Where he used to get admiring glances and fingers would run across his perfectly brown fur, now he got pitying, guilty looks.

But one day, he changed.

He wasn’t the young, sad little buffalo anymore. He was now a defiant, stubborn, old bull.  His coat showed the difference; though it wasn’t any less soft, or thick (it was actually thicker with his age spurt), it was now shot through with maturity.

He dared people to come close to test the softness of his fur, to admire his strength.  He wasn’t taking crap from anyone anymore.  He demanded attention.

And that’s exactly what he got.

Project Secret Hat

I have this new idea that I’m doing, something that will start to use up my stash, because it’s getting too big for my dorm.  I don’t have enough room to store my clothes, let alone a stash the size of mine.

So, because I love knitting hats, I’m starting “Project Secret Hat“.

What is “PSH”, you ask?  It’s something I’m doing in my spare time, where I knit hats (either from patterns, or from my head), and send them secretly to someone.  I already have my first couple of people on the list, but the key word is SECRET, so you won’t know who gets the hat until it arrives on your doorstep (or in your mailbox).  It’s designed to share the love of handknit hats in cold weather.

I’m not sure if I’ll put photos up of the hats in progress, because if the recipient is reading my blog, the surprise will be ruined. (Changed my mind, here’s the photo) So, I’ll just say this: the hat I’m working on now is with Boucle (pronounced “boo-CLAY”), and I’ve nicknamed it the “Buffalo hat” because it reminds me of the buffalo in Ted’s Montana Grill.

Rules of Thumb when making your own pattern:

  1. When casting on, always go with the lower number of stitches, because you can add more if you need to.  Before the stitches are knit for the first time, they look a lot smaller than they will be in a finished product.  After knitting the first row, they will pretty much multiply.
  2. Boucle is very forgiving of mistakes.