On a Monday…

1.) Along with the new haircut, I’ve picked up some new habits.

2.) One of those habits is the massive amount of black (layers) I’ve been wearing.  With no bra.  Super cozy.

3.) The other is drinking coffee.

4.) Never been a huge fan of coffee but for some reason I’m liking it.

5.) With tons of sugar, of course.

6.) It tends to make me a little twitchy (because I usually stay away from caffeine).

7.) Sometimes my eyes twitch and it’s the weirdest, most tickly feeling I’ve ever experienced.  No amount of itching will make it go away.  So I just look like an idiot blinking away trying to make it stop.

8.) It also makes my teeth look less than dazzling.  More of a pathetic tanish color.  And I hate the aftertaste of my mouth when I’m finished with a cup.

9.) I need to brush my teeth.

10.) I’m now the proud owner of the most offensive t-shirt ever.  I want to pet it and hold it and never wear because I don’t want it to get ruined.  But I also want to wear it everywhere, families be damned.

11.) It has my favorite word in it more than once.

12.) Can anyone guess what it says?

13.) I’m going to go brush my teeth.


Maybe (Random Monday)

1.) Ten (at least) chocolate rice crispy treats and a whole pizza was not the best thing to treat myself to last night.  Along with a melatonin taken at 1 am, that equaled me stumbling to the bathroom at 7 am to be sick.

2.) But don’t forget the trip at 8:30, too.

3.) The best thing about this morning was Kyle coming in after his class to cuddle with me, and falling asleep until 2-ish.

4.) The Apple Cinnamon instant oatmeal was good, too.

5.) I ran out of story to post for Novel November.

6.) Because I ran out of a boring class to sit in for two hours.

7.) I can’t find a happy temperature to sleep in; I’m either too hot or too cold.

8.) I hate how dry my hair is; nothing I put in it makes it less static-y.

9.) I love how it looks right now, though.

10.) I’m going to go read Brisingr.

11.) What a good book.