Catching Up

My work schedule has finally slowed down enough for me to take some time to write something.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Braden for a week, and was a little bit sad to go back home.  I was excited, however, to sleep in my own bed.  After sleeping on the couch or chair, my bed felt like a cloud.

My yarn came the other day, and I’m really happy with it.  The colorway I chose is called “Williamsburg” in “Wool of the Andes”.  It’s 100% peruvian wool from knitpicks, and it’s really soft.  I haven’t really had the time to start the scarf, but I figure I have a few more months until I’ll need it to keep my neck warm.  I want to knit on the plane, but I’m not sure if that’s a possibility.

I’m more than halfway through “The Plains of Passage”, again, I haven’t had the time to read it very much.  Last night, while Kyle was out eating, I was laying in bed reading until about 11.  I also need to finish “Eat, Pray, Love” because it’s due back at the library in a few days.  I’m onto the second part; the last time I read it was on the drive back from North Dakota.

The kittens haven’t been featured in the blog for a long time, and today seems like a good time to mention them.  They’ve all grown quite a bit, but still aren’t weaned.  Cairo is the biggest, as I knew he would be.  Their pretty blue eyes aren’t blue anymore, but still pretty.

Yesterday, I went into Spearfish to pick Sam up from his grandma’s house and bring him home.  After we had lunch with her, we stopped at Dairy Queen and got some ice cream.  Mine melted and Sam didn’t like the grey ice cream in his blizzard.  I also stopped in at Aasylum Tattoo, and set up an appointment for my next tattoo.  I talked to the guy (AJ) who did my star, and he’s doing my next one as well.  I’m keeping the tattoo a secret, because I don’t want anyone else to get the idea into their head to get it before I do.  My appointment is August 2 at 3 p.m.  I’m super excited, but also a little nervous.  I am glad that I’m going to get it before I leave for college, because then I think I can wait to get another.  The saying about tattoos being addicting is true.


Last Day

Today is the last day of the week with Braden, and then tomorrow starts the three days with Sam.  I honestly can’t conjure up enough excitement to keep working.  I haven’t had a day off for at least a week.  I’m trying not to complain, because I’m making money, and my college fund is going to be growing by leaps and bounds, but I’m exhausted.

I go home tonight, and I’m going to go straight to sleep.  I know one night isn’t enough to catch up on sleep (and you can’t really ever catch up), but I’m pretty excited to sleep in my own bed.

I’m also excited to see the animals, though I can’t say I missed Salem’s puppy bark.  I want to figure out why Jasper’s face is suddenly weird.

When I went home on Wednesday, I was visiting with the kittens, and Jasper saunters up to get some attention.  I don’t think anything of it, and then I take a double take.  There’s about two inches between her eyes now!  If you’ve read my about page, and followed all the links, you would see her nose is totally normal, and not thick at all.  When I go home tonight, I might be able to drag myself outside to take a picture of it, to compare.  There’s something wrong with her.  She looks like an impostor.  Maybe she is…

North Dakota Hotel Scene

After calling all the hotels in Minot, North Dakota, we were told to call this one; the last hotel remaining.  The Vegas Hotel.  We got the last room available.  You can imagine what wewere thinking when we were looking for it.  We were expecting disgusting exterior, seedy interior.  But, as we pulled in, we were surprised to find that it doesn’t look so bad.  It’s a little rough around the edges, the game room/pool area is grungy, and there are big bleach stains on the carpet, but the room is clean, and the beds were nicely made, with no unwelcome visitors at night (yet).

The drive over was both boring and bittersweet for me.  It was 7 hours of trying to keep Sam entertained when he kept asking questions about Lady GaGa in Glamour;  “Why is she wearing pastic?  Does she wear plastic to bed?  Is she married?  Why is there bubbles covering those places?  Can you make my birthday cake like this picture, only without the bubbles?  Please please please pleeaassee?”  It went on and on and on.  (I’ve also taken a lot of photos, and I’ll upload them to flickr as soon as I get home, and I’ll do a more in-depth post.)

But, driving past the flatness of North Dakota reminded me of Wyoming, and of what I was leaving.  I always told myself that I wasn’t going to miss this place, that I wasn’t ever going to come back, not even to visit.  And yesterday, seeing all the wide openness, I got a little bit freaked out because I wasn’t going to see it everyday anymore.  I was going to see people and buildings everyday.  The trees won’t be the same, the grass won’t be the same and above all, the people won’t be the same.  What will I do if I hate Naperville?  If I hate North Central; the staff and students?  I can’t just come slinking back to Wyoming.

I don’t want to be a failure, but I’m scared to be a success.

The Job Search…Flourishes!

Yesterday, while I was hanging out with Sam, he was describing the pain of breaking his arm to me, because I told him that I’d never broken a bone.

“Well, Daddy said he heard a pop and it hurt really, really, really bad.”  Sam says.

“Did you cry?”  I ask him.

“No, not until later.  But it really, really hurt.  It hurt more than having a baby!”

So, now you know.  Breaking both bones in your forearm hurts worse than having a baby.  You heard it here first.

While I was driving home from the ranch, (I also got another job offer from a guy that works up there…for a whole week!) it started pouring.  I’m not kidding.  It was like buckets upon buckets were being thrown down, and it was really hard to see because of the trees on either side of the road.  All the way home (15 minutes worth) I was thinking about how I had tied Salem outside before I left for the ranch at 2.  I really hoped someone was home and took pity on him and put him in his cage.

No luck.

He was sitting outside, with his shoulders up, completely, soaking wet.  When I pulled into the driveway, he got so excited, and I could see the water dripping from his sodden tail while he was wagging it.  I ran over under the tree (which offered no protection from the rain whatsoever) and untied him and he ran to his cage and jumped into his bed.  I ran as fast as possible inside, because I was wearing shorts and a tank top, because when I left for work, it was 75 degrees.  When I finally burst through the door, I saw Pat and Sean (cousin) watching T.V.  I was not happy.


I changed, dried my hair, and combed it, then went to check the messages.  Turns out I had gotten a call from my babysitting ad, and Kayla wanted me to babysit today.  I couldn’t because I had already committed to cleaning.  I felt terrible for not being able to help her out.

At 8, I talked to Kyle and then went to bed.

I couldn’t sleep.  I kept rolling around, and jumping every time the thunder cracked.  Finally, I decided to lay a different way.  I tossed my pillow down to the foot of my bed, stripped the top blanket off the bed, and put my head where my feet were supposed to go.  I fall asleep.

At 1, I woke up and switched back to a normal sleeping position.

At 2, I was awake and I heard the door creaking, then it flew open.  My back was to it, and I kept saying in my head, “I don’t wanna see. I don’t wanna see.  I don’t wanna see.”  A few minutes later, it’s pulled shut.  I fall back asleep, my stomach quivering a tiny bit.

I wake up at 7.16, and get ready to go to work.  I also find the note that Pat left in my room last night (no ghosts ).  I make myself a bagel with lots of cream cheese, then leave.  I get to the chapel (that’s what I’m cleaning) early.

I spend a few hours cleaning (4) and Jackie tells me that since everything looks so good, she’s paying me for 7 hours.  There were so many flies in that place.  I’ll be dreaming about them for months.

But at least my college fund is growing. :)

Computer Dreams, and Broken Arms…

Because of a change in plans (i.e. broken bones), my Tuesday will not be spent half in bed, half on the computer, eating the entire time, and then going to a movie with a friend.  It will be spent at the ranch, hanging out with Sam and his poor, broken arm.
Although that’s not entirely a bad thing.  My college fund is looking a little dry still.

I can spend some of the morning online, eating delicious fresh fruit…I’ll also be searching online for a computer for college, any suggestions?  I don’t want to spend a whole lot on it (you know, I still have tuition and a plane ticket to pay for…maybe I should add a computer fund and a ticket fund…) but I want it to have a nice webcam, and above all else, I want a number pad. On the side.  Separate.

Also, today seems like a good time to tell you that giveaways are in the near future.  I’ll have some summer giveaways that you won’t want to miss, because the first will be some awesome handmade jewelry.  My aunt on Etsy is donating some of her gorgeous pieces, so stick around to see which ones will grace your neck someday! :)