I went to the wellness center, got through the throat swabbing (it only took 5 tries), and found out that I do indeed have strep throat.  I’m contagious for 24 hours after I take my first dose of medicine, and then I’m safe to be around people after that.  I got quite the bag of stuff to help me feel better.

First, I got the standard issue Amoxicillin, along with the instruction to “take 2 doses a day, 12 hours apart”. (Prescribed by Dr. Love; what a cool name!)

actual size

Second, I got a baggie full of Ibuprofen tablets, with the instruction to “Take 2 tablets every 6 hours”.

Third, I got some standard issue anesthetic throat lozenges.

Fourth, I got packets of salt, with the instruction to “Gargle saltwater.  Mix one packet with 1/2 cup of water”.

Fifth, I got a Lemon-Lime Gatorade, with the instruction to “Drink lots.  Water, hot tea, Gatorade, juices.”

Sixth, I got instructions for taking the Amoxicillin, a note for work, the “toss your brush out when you’re finished with the medicine” talk and the “Take every single pill, two a day, even if you feel better; TAKE EVERY PILL.” speech.

And lastly, I got the “Take good care of yourself, and feel better!  If you start feeling worse after starting the medicine, stop taking it and come in right away.  Also, if your boyfriend starts feeling sick, bring him in right away!” speech.



Yesterday night, Kyle called me and asked me (in a very sad voice) if I would come up to visit him because he just got done throwing up and he wasn’t feeling well.  I said “of course” and went up to see him.

After rubbing his back for awhile, he was tired and went to bed.  I came down to my room, and a few hours later, I was clutching my stomach and sitting by the garbage can.

I never did get around to throwing up, but my stomach feels really heavy and I just feel bad.  Annette brought some chicken noodle soup, yogurt, clementines, 7-Up, saltines, antibacterial wipes and Gatorade and I feel a tad better after eating 2 cans of soup, drinking a Gatorade, and eating a clementine (all in the space of an hour), but I just feel empty.  Like I could eat everything in my food drawer and still some more.

So, that’s the reason I didn’t go to work today, that’s the reason I haven’t showered yet, that’s the reason I was able to finish a book I was only 70 pages into (“Fair is the Rose“, I’ll review it some other time…Maybe.), and that’s why you’re getting a post like this.

I Said…

I would do this yesterday, but I’ve been out of time for so long.  I was sick yesterday night (as the video explains), so I didn’t get a post in.  This isn’t going to be a regular thing (or at least I hope not), because I love writing blogs so much, but this is just a quick little video explaining things that I don’t really have time to write.

By the way- I’m starting to make a hat!  I’m so super excited, but I’ve only cast on.  I haven’t had the time to do much else.  I’ll inform you on any changes with pictures! :)


So yesterday, I had an appointment to get my meningitis shot for college. I was okay with doing one shot, even though I am so scared of needles. Seriously just thinking about needles makes my stomach quiver with fear, as does the rest of my body. I walked into the office out of the pouring rain, and sat down, waiting for the nurses at the counter to be free. Finally, they say my name, and I stand up and walk over to the counter. I give them my insurance card, and the nurse looks at me and says, “You’re due for about 4 shots today.”

I wanted to run away.

I cleared my throat, and tried to smile as I asked what shots I needed.
“Well, you need Tetanus, because your last one was 6 years ago. You should get Hepatitis A, I recommend HPV, and also, your meningitis. Come into the back, and we’ll talk.”
I nodded, and followed her dumbly, like a sheep being led to slaughter. I was calming myself down in my head, making my feet go forward, and not back.

We get to the room, and I sit down on the table, covered with white paper with little blue flowers. It crinkles when I sit. I watch her open the fridge where the medication is, and then she opens a drawer. Filled with syringes. My stomach revolts, and my legs automatically stand up. I make myself sit back down. The conversation in my head goes something like this, “You’re 18 years old. You can get shots. Look how tiny the needles are. NEEDLES?!” Then I shut myself up.

The nurse asks me if I want to do Hepatitis A. I ask her about it. She tells me that it’s needed to travel, and she recommends getting it before I leave the state. It’s a series of shots; one today, the second in 6 months.

“I’m going to be moving to college in a few months, so I don’t think I want that one today.” She nods, and then starts to talk about HPV. I told her that I decided a few years ago that I didn’t want it, and she launches into my sexual history. I decide (again) that I don’t want the shot. Come on, you have to have three of them within a year, and I’d heard horror stories about how much they hurt.

“Tetanus in the right arm, meningitis in the left, okay?” I nod.

Then she lifts up the tiny glass bottles that hold the medicine for the shots I’m going to get. Its barely half an inch of liquid in the syringe. My vision goes blurry when she turns around with a syringe in her hand. “Make your arm floppy, like a noodle. Pretend it doesn’t belong to you.” She tells me. But I’m thinking, “Crap! It DOES belong to me! It’s my arm! Please don’t hurt me!” I squeeze my eyes closed, I feel the needle break the skin, the click of the syringe and then seconds later, the burn of the medicine.

“I barely felt that.” I say in disbelief.
“You rarely feel the first. But you’ll feel the second.”

Come on, lady! Don’t tell me that! I’m thinking about bolting to the door.

She gets the other syringe, and tells me to make my arm floppy and breathe. I breathe dramatically. When the needle breaks the skin, my eyes get wet, and I flinch. “Ow!” I say, and look down; and she’s mopping up the blood. “Do you get woozy when you see blood?” She asks. “Not mine.” I say in a half whisper. “Use your arms a lot, and if you want, take Tylenol for the pain. Oh, and if you get a fever or swelling, go to the E.R.” Gulp.

I’m done. With the needles, but not the pain.

I head home, driving through the rain, and when I get there, I fall down onto the couch, hold my arms, and whimper. I feel my head every few seconds, waiting for the fever. My body is freezing, and I wrap myself into a blanket. I don’t get warm. Later, my dad gets home from work, and we make pizzas. I eat quite a bit.

At 8, Kyle calls.

At 9, I go to bed.

At 4, I wake up and throw up so hard it hurts. I rush to the bathroom in time to throw up into the toilet; dry vomit that hurts to cough up. I almost choke. I wish for someone to hold my hair back. I go back to bed, after drinking a little water and getting a mint. Peppermint helps with upset stomach, right?

At 5.27, I’m up again. The mint isn’t dissolved, and I reach into my mouth to grab it, gagging in the process. I don’t even have time to roll out of bed before I’m throwing up. Huge, loud heaves that make me gasp for breath in between. At least this time I had more liquid to throw up. Good thing the trash can was beside my bed. Bad thing some graduation presents were beside it. Good thing I have aim, because they didn’t get wet.

I try to go back to sleep, but the smell of vomit (pizza, yum) makes me throw up again. I empty the trash, turn on my scentsy, put a drop of “Purification” in the trash on second thought and crawl back into bed. I can’t go back to sleep even with the cleaner smelling room, because I can’t fall asleep on my back or belly, and my arms hurt too much to lay on them. I do it anyways, and cry out everytime I shift my weight. I fall back asleep. I dream the world is ending.

My stomach is still weak now, and I’m drinking 7-up to try and calm it down. On the way home from dropping Pat off at work, I almost had to pull over because I got so nauseous.

I hate shots.


Today, I stayed home from school, again, because I wasn’t feeling all that great. I’m still not feeling the best, but I thought that right now would be a really good time to do a blog. I’ve waited for way too long to do a book review on “Shanna”, so here you are!

When I first started reading “Shanna“, I was babysitting, and Sam was watching t.v., while I was relaxed in the chair with the book. The first couple of pages were hard to get into, partly because it was time for Sam to go to bed, and partly because I was so tired. But finally, it started talking about Shanna Trahern’s idea, and what forced her into it. You see, her father, who was a true rags to riches story, told her that she had better find a husband before her 21st birthday, or else he would. All of the other suitors disagreed with her, and she sent them off with some fierce words, and sometimes a slap in the face if they got too clingy. A few weeks before her birthday, she scoured the prisons to find a man whom she could get married to, and if he agreed to her marriage contract, she would give him food to last out his life until he was hanged, and pay for a proper church burial. But when she meets this prisoner, Ruark Beauchamp , who happens to have a very fine last name, connections to a rich family in London, she gets more than she bargains for. His deal for marrying her is the chance to consummate the marriage.

There are twists and turns everytime you flip the page, from pirate kidnappings to murders.

I don’t want to say much more, because I’m really good at giving away the good parts of a book, so much that people don’t want to read the book anymore.

But, “Shanna” by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss is still my favorite of all her other books I’ve read as of now. I highly recommend it, if it doesn’t bother you to carry around a book with a cover like “Shanna” has. And if it does, just, you know, cover the front with some dark paper or something. :)

Ahh! …

The weekend! Two days of rest and relaxation, or, if you’re me, two days of working so you have enough money to take on your trip…

And after the weekend, only a few more days until I go to Chicagoland, check out the college, and that boyfriend of mine. :) You’ll see the pictures when I get back. By the way, I’m still hoping for a storm that makes it impossible for me to get back home for a few weeks. Maybe if I hope hard enough, it’ll happen, and I’ll be stuck (not unhappily) with my boyfriend for a few extra days…or weeks, perhaps?

Not much to post, other than the fact school is wearing me down, day by day, and my headaches have slowly started dissipating…Hopefully they’ll just go away on their own; you can only hope, right? The whole being a senior thing is getting old, what with the daily dose of homework, and don’t forget the force-fed amount of daily drama, as well.

On the knitting front, I’ve done no knitting whatsoever since I finished The Boyfriend Hat. I’m think about making another one, because I have plenty of the yarn, but the casting on, and the first row of stitches was a nuisance.

I had a pretty crazy dream last night, as well. Something about a big garden that I hid in (and ran through, like a child) wrapped in some sort of sticky vine, a house I kept stumbling through to get away from whoever owned it, a big body of water behind it, sort of like a pool, but it was more like a lake, these tiny cats, called “wildcats”, that kept attacking sheep, and a HUGE yarn expo, set up like a supermarket, with the wares in wooden crates with prices stuck in them…

Have a nice (relaxing) weekend! :)

Still Not Feeling The Best…

But I thought I would show you what I’ve been up to while I’ve been sick (which I still am, unfortunately :( ).

This is just a simple scarf, no design, nothing fancy, just something to practice on until I’m able to knit with my eyes closed :)
My camera distorted the color, because the actual color is a not-very subtle lavender.
It’s about 90 stitches wide, and I’ve been working on it for about a week, on and off. That much is the result of about 3 hours sitting in front of the T.V. (watching Titanic :) )
It takes forever to knit one row, even going fast like I’ve been doing.
I’m off, to drink some tea and try to drag myself through the rest of the school day. Wish me luck.