Silent Saturday



I was shocked when I got home after getting my hair done to find my blog was viewed 122 times.  A normal day is usually about 20 views, and I was also shocked when it had 55 views.  But anyways, enough about blog views…

Today, I’m working up at the ranch, and tomorrow, I’ll be up there as well.  On Monday and Tuesday, I’ll be in North Dakota with Beth, and maybe I’ll make enough to make up for the fact I spent too much on my hair…So, don’t miss me too much those few days. :)  If you’re my friend on Facebook, you can see what I’m up to, and if you’re not, I’ll update you, with pictures, when I get back!  (Hopefully I’ll get some reading in on the road!)

And in lieu of a normal Silent Saturday, here’s a picture I took yesterday, after my hair looked better. (A very large version.)

The Job Search Begins…

In lieu of the Silent Saturday post (and because I was working all day yesterday and didn’t get home until late), here is the first post in a series, updating you on the status of my COLLEGE FUND!

As of now, I have $0 in savings, because I’ve used all that I made last summer paying bills, and paying off my car. (Which I will finish paying off in July, FTW!)  Well, before I start college, I have approximately $1300 due for the first trimester’s tuition.  And I have, oh, about 84 days to get that money (and possibly save up more so I don’t have such a hard time paying the other parts of tuition either).

I have no day job, and yesterday, Beth suggested that I put up flyers for something I’m good at.  BABYSITTING!  I’m really good with kids, I’ve had experience with children of all ages (from birth on up), and I do like to hang out with kids.

I’m working on a flyer now to put up around in Hulett, and hopefully, I’ll get some jobs.
Cross you fingers for me, will you?

**Edited to Add:

While out hanging the flyers, I got one positive comment (“I’ll definitely be calling you.”).

I hope the trend lasts.