Playing Catch-Up

I’ve felt so absent on this blog, and I feel like I say that every time, and I apologize.  I’ve been pretty busy lately, what with mono tests, Valentine’s day, work, school, and Ulta.

First off: mono tests.  I haven’t been feeling well lately, and I went to the Wellness center to find out what was going on with me.  They wanted to test me for mono and for strep, but I refused the strep test, telling them that the last thing I needed when I was so nauseous was a stick down my throat.  The nurse told me to come back if my throat hurt AT ALL and she would test me for strep.  I promised I would.  After asking numerous questions about sleep (turns out 8 hours isn’t enough; she recommended 9-10 per night), she told me that my fatigue, disinterest, and headaches might be caused by mono.  A mono test involves blood.  She told me that I could just watch my symptoms and come back later, or take the test.  I told her that I would take it.

She brought this in:

And I was brave as hell. (The needle is inside the little blue and white thing.)

Second off: Valentine’s Day.  Which was also Kyle and I’s third anniversary.  He got me flowers,

A bag from etsy that I’ve been looking at for quite awhile,

and took me out to Ra, a sushi place.  We went to see “The Eagle” after dinner.  It was a good night.  (He also got me seeds.)

Third: work.  I can’t really use this as an excuse, so let’s pass this one.

Fourth: school.  I have so much stuff due that I’m overwhelmed up to my eyeballs.

Fifth: Ulta.  It’s not even funny how much stuff I’ve acquired from Ulta.  Hair stuff, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, nail polish, etc.  At least it was all cheap.

And now to update you on the reading front.  I finished “The Plains of Passage” last night (a lot faster than I thought I would), and need to stop in at the library to get “The Shelters of Stone” (the last one before I get the newest!).  I started another book this morning, and so far, I’m liking it a lot.  It’s called “The Great Book of Amber” and it’s 10 stories in one book.  It’s huge.


My Goals and My Adventures With Water Marbling

I feel like I’ve been majorly missing from this blog, but I’ve posted every day this month so far.  I still have quite a bit to tell, and show, you.

First of all, I’ve been nursing this “goal” lately, to go to bed earlier.  Lately, I’ve been going to bed later and later and I’m starting to feel (and look!) extremely worn out.  So I set a goal for myself to start going to bed at 9:30 p.m. every night.

The first night, I missed the goal because I was up working on a paper due the next day.

I missed it last night because I was working on Latin homework which took a lot longer than I expected.

So far, this goal is not successful, but I am in bed earlier than usual (about 10:30).

My next goal will be to workout more so I can fall asleep easier.

Now I can show you my water marbled nails.  (Youtube water marble nails to see how I did it.)

(I did this with the brand new nail polishes I got at Ulta yesterday, all NYC: Little Italy, Bryant Park, and Fifth Avenue, as well as another I already had, Mulberry Street.  I’ll do some nail of the days with the new colors.  The thumb and pinkie nails are the best.)

As for my RA interview…I don’t want to talk about it yet.  I can’t tell if it went really bad or really good, so I’m waiting it out.

I also finally finished “The Mammoth Hunters”, started “The Plains of Passage” and I’m eagerly awaiting “The Land of Painted Caves”.

The Unveiling of My New Tattoo

Wow!  The past couple of days have been really long.  Unending, it seems.

I worked the whole weekend at the ranch, and Monday too.  Beth needed someone to pick her up at the airport, so that was me.  I forgot how long the drive to Rapid is.  The next day, I went to Spearfish, to help Betsy with her new computer, and then stopped into Aasylum.  I couldn’t remember if AJ (my tattoo guy) left on Tuesday or Thursday, but I was hoping the entire time while working on the computer, and eating, that he left on Thursday.
When I popped my head in, he was there!  So I got my tattoo yesterday.  Erica joined me, and also got a tattoo.  I left before hers was done, so I’m anxious to see it.  She was about 45 minutes into hers when I started, and mine only took MAYBE 10 minutes.  Getting my star fixed hurt so much more than my other tattoo.  But I’m happy with both of them, and I’m glad I decided to get them done yesterday, so they’ll be healed before Florida.

Also, I got some yarn yesterday while I was in Spearfish, killing time before my tattoo appointment.  I found the cutest summer colors in Lily Sugar ‘n Cream worsted weight cotton.  I want to maybe make a baby hat for Kim’s new baby, because one of the colorways I picked out (“Sunny Sky”) is a summer-y baby color.  I also got around to photographing my Knit Picks yarn (Wool of the Andes, “Williamsburg”) for my scarf.  I have a lot of knitting to do.  I can’t wait.

(Left to Right Colorways: “Over the Rainbow”, “Key Lime Pie”, and “Sunny Sky”.)

I also started on “The Shelters of Stone”.  I finished “The Plains of Passage” a few days ago while I was at work.  “Eat, Pray, Love” is still sitting, waiting to be read with a bookmark stuck at Part Two.  I’m probably going to be reading it on the plane when I go to Naperville, or Florida.

Oh, and with the money I didn’t spend yesterday, my college fund got a little fatter.

They itch.

Catching Up

My work schedule has finally slowed down enough for me to take some time to write something.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Braden for a week, and was a little bit sad to go back home.  I was excited, however, to sleep in my own bed.  After sleeping on the couch or chair, my bed felt like a cloud.

My yarn came the other day, and I’m really happy with it.  The colorway I chose is called “Williamsburg” in “Wool of the Andes”.  It’s 100% peruvian wool from knitpicks, and it’s really soft.  I haven’t really had the time to start the scarf, but I figure I have a few more months until I’ll need it to keep my neck warm.  I want to knit on the plane, but I’m not sure if that’s a possibility.

I’m more than halfway through “The Plains of Passage”, again, I haven’t had the time to read it very much.  Last night, while Kyle was out eating, I was laying in bed reading until about 11.  I also need to finish “Eat, Pray, Love” because it’s due back at the library in a few days.  I’m onto the second part; the last time I read it was on the drive back from North Dakota.

The kittens haven’t been featured in the blog for a long time, and today seems like a good time to mention them.  They’ve all grown quite a bit, but still aren’t weaned.  Cairo is the biggest, as I knew he would be.  Their pretty blue eyes aren’t blue anymore, but still pretty.

Yesterday, I went into Spearfish to pick Sam up from his grandma’s house and bring him home.  After we had lunch with her, we stopped at Dairy Queen and got some ice cream.  Mine melted and Sam didn’t like the grey ice cream in his blizzard.  I also stopped in at Aasylum Tattoo, and set up an appointment for my next tattoo.  I talked to the guy (AJ) who did my star, and he’s doing my next one as well.  I’m keeping the tattoo a secret, because I don’t want anyone else to get the idea into their head to get it before I do.  My appointment is August 2 at 3 p.m.  I’m super excited, but also a little nervous.  I am glad that I’m going to get it before I leave for college, because then I think I can wait to get another.  The saying about tattoos being addicting is true.

Garbage Juice

A few weeks ago, I signed up on enannysource (I’m nanny #277975 if you were wondering…), and until a few days ago, I had no bites.  Now, suddenly I’m being added to this family’s top pick list, and that family’s too.  (That’s a good sign; it means the family is considering you to be a good nanny, and other families can see the list.)  Today, I got an e-mail from a family in Denver asking if I was available to work August 20-mid December.  Well, I’m going to be in college then, and I wouldn’t be able to work.  It sucks that the first people to contact me, I have to e-mail back telling them that I can’t help them, even though they added me to their top picks list and look like a nice family.  (The kids were also a little older than I want to work with as well; 11 and 13, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?)

Yesterday, while lying on the couch, and eating slices of potato sprinkled with salt (yum!), I read.  “The Plains of Passage” was the selected book, but after awhile, I got tired of just snacking, and made steak tips with were awesome.  I also did laundry, and was shamelessly proud of the way I hung my clean underwear out to dry.  I took the garbage to the community dumpster (because there’s all of 20 people in my town, and we only have need of one), and when I lifted the bags to toss them in, they leaked.  Smelly, cold, slightly brown liquid all down the back of my leg.  It itched, and it smelled really bad.  I also took pictures.

Later, still not wanting to sit still, Pat and I took Salem “up top” (which is just what it sounds like; we live in a canyon and “up top” is the first place you get service when you get out the hole.  It also features huge gravel piles, and a large body of water that Salem loves to swim in.)  When we got there, we opened the door of the car, Salem was in the back seat, and let him out.  The first thing he did was go straight to the water and jump in, lapping up as much as possible.  When we drove, albeit wildly, towards the towering piles of gravel, he came after us, keeping pace while we did 20 mph.  When the car stopped, Pat and I both got out and climbed the pile with Salem climbing up and down numerous times.

Finally, like every other day, Salem got tired of being around, and he just left.  One second he was there, the next he was gone.  Pat was worried, and wanted to go look for him, but I knew that he can get 5 miles away in 5 minutes, and a search would be fruitless.  Besides, it was really hot.  Not more than 10 minutes later, Salem shows up, running so fast he makes dust behind him, and goes, again, straight to the water.

When we are ready to go, we have to make Salem run around to dry off, because he had just laid down in the water.  Commence the wild driving again.  Then we go home, with Salem wriggling around in the back, trying to dry off even more.  (And since it was not my car, it didn’t bother me that he was getting the seats muddy and dog-smelling.)

It was a good, relaxing day (except for the garbage juice).

Books, Loans and Sore Butts

While riding in the pick-up, I spent a lot of time reading, talking, and taking pictures out the window.  Most of the pictures didn’t turn out so well.  I did get one of the sun behind the clouds; the edges are bright, and there are rays of light coming out from behind.  It’s probably the best picture I took the entire trip, which wasn’t quite as long as I thought (and hoped) it would be.

When I wasn’t talking (about anything from abortion to crops), I was usually reading.  (My butt also fell asleep, and I wiggled and squirmed to try new positions that wouldn’t let it fall asleep again.)  Early in the day, I had finished “The Mammoth Hunters”, and because I didn’t think I would finish it (because when I left, I still had maybe 250 pages left), I didn’t bring another Jean M. Auel.  What I brought instead was “Eat, Pray, Love”.  I started it while Sam was absorbed in “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.  So far, I’m in love.  Elizabeth Gilbert is an amazing writer, combining humor with her (somewhat) bittersweet journey to find what she’s looking for; pleasure, devotion and balance.

I’ll hold off on the review as of now, but I am looking forward to getting one written.  So far, (and I’m not a huge fan of non-fiction) her story has captured, and held, my interest, and I hope it continues.  And if it doesn’t, I still have “The Plains of Passage” and “The Shelters of Stone” to read.

In about 3 weeks, I’m headed off to Orientation, and after that, Florida.  But before all that happens, I have to decide what I’m taking for college, because when I finally get back home, I’m going to be going to my sister’s to help with the new baby for a week, and then I have to fly back to Naperville to begin college.  I don’t have a whole lot of time to be deciding what I need to bring, and what can stay.  My plan, so far, is after I’m done packing everything I need for the upcoming trip (orientation/vacation), if I have room, I’d like to pack college stuff that I don’t really need at home, and leave it with Kyle so I’ll have more room when I’m flying down the second (and hopefully, final) time.  Everyday, I see something in my room that makes me go, “Hey!  I’m going to need that in college!”.  But the problem is, I’ve never been to college, and I don’t know what I’m going to regret bringing, and what I’m going to regret leaving at home.  It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be coming back during breaks because I just don’t have $300 for tickets while I’m paying for everything I need in college.

And speaking of books; crap.  I never once thought about having to buy them.  I knew that’s what college kids did, but for some unknown reason, I spaced that part, and in doing so, virtually ignored about $400 that I’m going to need.  I keep telling everyone that I’ll be fine, I’ve got jobs for the next week, and when I get back, my sister is going to pay me too.  But, in the 2 months I have left, I’m not going to be able to make $1300, plus $400 for books.

I’m going to have to take out more loans, which I’ve been fighting from the start because I don’t want to put myself more in debt when I’m already taking out $6000 a year.  I don’t want to have all that debt hanging over my head for the rest of my life.  But I can see it’s probably going to be necessary to be able to attend college and further my education.