Today is such a quiet day for me that I don’t have any good stories, or new mail to show you.  I went to latin this morning, came back to my dorm, showered and then went to mythology, and then came back to my dorm and ate.

In between classes, during my downtime, I made tea. (Because there’s snow everywhere, and I love hot tea when it’s cold.)  I haven’t had tea for a long time and it reminded me of being at home.  How there was always a tea kettle filled with hot water, always a clean cup, always different varieties of tea (but I loved drinking the plain tea), and always sugar to mix in.  When I sat at the computer and blogged, or watched a movie, or just talked to Kyle on Live Messenger, I drank tea.  When my tea got cold, I made more.  When I drank it all, I typed “brb” and went and made some more.

I also made several trips to the bathroom during my tea drinking hours (which usually started at 4 and went to 8, as long as Pat wasn’t home).

My favorite tea to drink was just the regular black tea and bergamot.  But I also loved to drink Raspberry tea, Constant Comment, and (if we had it) Pomegranate (which was one of dad and I’s favorites).

Are any of you tea drinkers?  If so, what’s your favorite tea to drink?  If not, what hot drink warms you up in the winter?


*Edited to Add:

By the way, there’s only 75 days left until “The Land of Painted Caves” comes out!  I’ve halfway through “The Valley of Horses”, but because I just got Kathleen E. Woodiwiss books, I’m tempted to start on them…



Yesterday night, Kyle called me and asked me (in a very sad voice) if I would come up to visit him because he just got done throwing up and he wasn’t feeling well.  I said “of course” and went up to see him.

After rubbing his back for awhile, he was tired and went to bed.  I came down to my room, and a few hours later, I was clutching my stomach and sitting by the garbage can.

I never did get around to throwing up, but my stomach feels really heavy and I just feel bad.  Annette brought some chicken noodle soup, yogurt, clementines, 7-Up, saltines, antibacterial wipes and Gatorade and I feel a tad better after eating 2 cans of soup, drinking a Gatorade, and eating a clementine (all in the space of an hour), but I just feel empty.  Like I could eat everything in my food drawer and still some more.

So, that’s the reason I didn’t go to work today, that’s the reason I haven’t showered yet, that’s the reason I was able to finish a book I was only 70 pages into (“Fair is the Rose“, I’ll review it some other time…Maybe.), and that’s why you’re getting a post like this.

Can’t Catch Up On Sleep…

Eclipse was awesome!  The theater was packed for the showing at 7, and when Pat and I were walking out the door when it was over, there was a velvet rope holding back a multitude of people waiting to get in for the 9.15 showing.  And that’s in Spearfish!  I wonder what the theaters in bigger towns had to contend with..

I haven’t been used to driving very far, Hulett being about 10ish minutes away, and the drive to Spearfish (an hour) and back was exhausting.  We didn’t get back home until 10, and I tossed and turned (which has become a nightly ritual) until I was able to finally fall asleep at around midnight.  Soon after, I was woken up by thunder, and I lay in bed and shook a little, because I still can’t get over my fear of thunderstorms.

For being used to going to sleep at 9 every night, this is a huge deal.  This morning, I woke up pretty early (8) and read for a little bit, say 20 minutes.  (I finished “The Valley of Horses”, and just started on “The Mammoth Hunters”.)  I read for a tiny bit, and then went back to sleep.  Dad came in to see why I was still in bed at 1.30.  The rest of the day was ruined.  I fed the animals, hung out with the kittens, talked to Kyle for a bit, read some more, watched t.v. and now I’m ready to go back to bed.

What a day.

Last night, on Eclipse, Bella was wearing a hat in the scene where she’s going up into the mountains to wait out the fight with Edward, and the minute I saw the hat, I wanted it.  I looked for patterns online, but haven’t come up with anything.  And it’s grey and white in the movie, but the photos online show that it’s a light green.  So who knows.  If I could find a pattern, I would probably make me a hat.  I love knitting hats.